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Emory University's Goizueta Business School


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Nearly 100 years of excellence means we know how to create lasting and meaningful business impact. Paving a way forward in business requires bold, fresh perspective and talented, curious minds. Fortunately, our esteemed faculty bring this -- and more -- to the classroom every day.
As thought leaders in their field, our faculty interpret contemporary problems and conduct research that shapes the global marketplace. As though producers in the classroom, their insights will challenge your thinking and expand your intellect. In short, our faculty impact what you learn and the direction of leading businesses worldwide. They are also engaged, available resources for the Goizueta community and business community alike -- an incredibly valuable combination often lacking in business schools.
At Goizueta, you can be confident that you will grow in many ways, most notably in the insights you know and the invaluable people who help you along the way.
We believe how you learn just as important as what you learn, and through our globally-recognized approach for blending theory with practice, we assure you – you will learn more than you thought imaginable.
Goizueta's student experience goes beyond classroom-based knowledge by having you actively learn and execute the skills needed for lifelong career success. Our curriculum facilitates action-based learning experiences at every turn and within every program. That intentional blend of theory and practice means you will go from learning into doing, the perfect segue to produce meaningful results. Even further, our focus on your professional leadership skills means you will develop your talent to lead as your best self.
At Goizueta, you can be more than just a student. You can be a leader in one of the dozens of student clubs. You can be a problem solver with real Fortune 100 clients. You can be a global traveler who understands how business gets done in other cultures.
A Goizueta education means learning in actionable and value-added ways so that you can be an active participant in your long-term success.
From dozens of global headquarters to hundreds of corporate offices to the thousands of thriving small businesses in fields like media, technology, and real estate – Atlanta is a map to your success.
Our growing, global city is one where professionals work, live, and thrive. Home to more than five million people and almost as many cultural, social, entertainment, and recreational opportunities, is a true renaissance metropolis.
Goizueta offers a unique blended opportunity - big city access with a sprawling suburban campus. Here you will find faculty and staff tackling issues on the global stage, world-class facilities, and a community of students driven to excel. Here you will find the intersection of industry and culture, of business and personal.
Atlanta provides the perfect global stage for your business school success, and Goizueta lets you be assured you will perform at your very best.
Business education has been an integral part of Emory University's identity for nearly 100 years. That kind of longevity and significance is evidence we are doing something right. With an impressive suite of degree and non-degree programs tailored to match student interest and meet their needs, Emory University's Goizueta Business School delivers academic offerings with a profoundly personal and highly transformational experience.
As one of the highly regarded research universities globally, Emory has a reputation based on the scholarly achievements of its world-class faculty, high-achieving students, top-ranked schools, and more than 70 cutting-edge research centers.
Every year, the University maintains the perfect balance between transformative research and stellar academics. Home to about 15,000 students, Emory offers a wealth of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, arts and entertainment opportunities, research and community service programs, and various other opportunities that give you a rich university experience.
In addition to its international reputation, one of Emory's greatest strengths lies in our students, faculty, and staff's diversity. As a community, we value differences and offer various organizations, events, and programming that enable you to utilize your unique talents.
Goizueta is where bright futures begin. Created in 1919 as one of the nation's first business schools, the school's influence extends across the U.S. and around the globe. Our MBA programs consistently rank in the top 25 in the world among significant publications, including Businessweek,
Fortified by a prestigious reputation and recognized for excellence in finance, strategy, and leadership, Goizueta and its programs give you the edge to succeed in an everchanging world of commerce. We provide rigorous, relevant academics, an intimate learning environment accessible, acclaimed faculty, and critical connections in a thriving business hub.
Our namesake was one of the great business leaders of the 20th century. During his 16-year tenure at The Coca Cola Company, Roberto Goizueta increased its value from $4 billion to $145 billion -- ensuring its place among "America's Most Admired Corporations," as listed by Fortune. While building the business, Goizueta also contributed substantially to the progress of Emory and the business school. Throughout his life, Goizueta was driven by curiosity, intellectual courage, and integrity. We are honored to share his name and live out his values, which form the cornerstone of our educational approach and are fundamental to our mission to educate the best of tomorrow's leaders.

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