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East Georgia State College is an associate degree-granting, liberal arts institution of the University System of Georgia providing its students access to both academically transferable pathways and collaborative programs in occupation-related fields. The College also offers targeted baccalaureate level degrees that support the University System's initiative to expand educational opportunities. The College prepares traditional and nontraditional students for success in the global 21st century through technologically advanced teaching and learning environment that fosters personal growth by utilizing an expanding range of resources and amenities, including an on-campus student residential option. The College also continuously engages the communities it serves through public service and cultural enrichment.
At East Georgia State College, we strive to provide our students with a rewarding college experience filled with student activities and apartment-style on-campus housing that makes our campus feel like your new home. With numerous student organizations, intramurals, athletics, and on-campus events - EGSC provides you many opportunities to develop personal leadership. Our concerned professors and welcoming environment will provide you with the personalized attention and first-class education you need to succeed.
Studying at East Georgia State College can take many different paths. Whether you select our main campus in Swainsboro, our extension locations in Statesboro or Augusta, or obtain a degree online you will be glad you have chosen to enroll at East Georgia State College. We offer small classes with faculty dedicated to teaching and preparing you for whatever challenges you wish to pursue beyond EGSC. Our flexible course offerings provide day, evening, weekend, and online options.
Our mission in the Financial Aid Office is to assist you and your family in affording your college education cost. This is accomplished by awarding grants, loans, and student work programs. By providing you with a supportive and comfortable environment where counselors are willing to work with you in obtaining the necessary funds, you may need to attend EGSC.
Sustained critical inquiry lies at the heart of an East Georgia State College education. Our goal is to enable students to develop themselves as productive members of society who can think clearly and critically, understand and respect differences, and express themselves persuasively.
We seek to provide an academically challenging and lively community of students and teachers committed to intellectual growth through individual and collaborative endeavors. East Georgia State College graduates are prepared for responsible leadership lives, enhanced by continued learning, and enriched by lasting values.
We encourage you to get involved in a student club or organization for the best college experience possible. Not only will you have fun and make life-long friends, but you will also learn leadership and teambuilding skills that will prepare you for your future career. There are various student clubs and organizations where you will connect with other students who share similar interests. Make the most of your time at East Georgia State College!
Scholarships are made possible by generous donors. They are awarded via a competitive process to EGSC students who have applied, meet specific criteria, and be selected by a scholarship application review committee.
Scholarships are typically awarded for educational expenses for one academic year or term (fall and spring or spring only) unless otherwise noted.
It is the mission of Career Services to provide services and opportunities to all of East Georgia State College students and alumni that foster career explorations and development. Partnerships with employers, faculty, staff, learning institutions, and the community will help create and maintain a learning environment that maximizes the opportunity for students and alumni to succeed.
A student who is still completing a high school or secondary school education, or has completed high school or secondary school and has not taken a college or university course, or those who plan to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a baccalaureate degree, is considered a freshman for purposes of admission to East Georgia State College. Applicants transferring into EGSC with less than 30 hours of transferable college credit will need to meet freshmen requirements to be guaranteed admission.
An applicant who graduated or would have graduated from high school five or more years ago is considered a nontraditional student. This includes both beginning freshmen and those with previous college or university attendance.
The high school transcript requirement will be waived for applicants with 30 semester hours or more transferable college credit after a full evaluation of all previous college coursework is completed. Applicants who are currently enrolled in another accredited college or university and applies to East Georgia State College for one semester to take courses that will transfer back to their current institution.

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