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Dakota State University


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DSU was founded in 1881 as a school for teacher education in the Dakota Territory. Today, we're one of the most technologically-advanced campuses in the Midwest. A public university, we are governed by the South Dakota System Board of Regents and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

We specialize in computer management, computer information systems, and other related undergraduate and graduate programs. We stay true to our roots by placing a particular emphasis on teachers' preparation with expertise in computer technology in the teaching and learning process. We have more than 35 majors to choose from, plus a robust graduate program.

On-campus and online, we work to keep class sizes small. The student-faculty ratio is just 17.4:1. Students who cannot make it to our main campus offer courses online through University Center - Sioux Falls.DSU provides learning that integrates technology and innovation to develop graduates ready to contribute to local, national, and global prosperity.

Building upon its distinctive mission, DSU will become:

  • The university of choice for those seeking a student-centered institution offers innovative programs grounded in teaching, research, technology, scholarship, and service excellence.
  • An academic community that serves as an economic engine in local, national, and global markets.
  • A campus recognized for its achievements in continuous quality improvement.

Who wants to learn in an outdated classroom? At DSU, we focus on providing the technology you will use in your career. We focus on practical training. Because of this, our students see tremendous success. Our reputation for producing qualified workers makes employers seek DSU graduates. It also keeps our overall job placement rate at 99% for the latest graduating class—with many majors seeing a 100%placement rate.

Our students work with professional technology. Our newly renovated Science Center offers the latest chemistry, biology, and physics labs that prepare students for jobs at Hematech, NASA, Los Alamos, and other leading scientific organizations. However, it is not just science. All of our majors and programs are infused with the latest technologies inside and outside of the classroom.

We are more than just a four-year university. We integrate the latest technologies into the curriculums for every degree and program to prepare our students for the future better.So whether you are interested in Cyber Operations or English, Education, or IS, you will be gaining a hands-on, experience-based education that will tell the world that you're ready to take it on. Plus, students at DSU are just happier. We know this because we asked that DSU students reported being significantly more satisfied than students at other four-year public universities in a recent survey.

Most people aren't aware of the breadth of academic programs we offer or their excellence level. With more than 35 undergraduate majors and several graduate degrees, we are South Dakota's designated information technology university. What does that mean? We integrate technology into all of our academic programs. In each of our majors, we work to prepare you for the modern workplace and beyond. You not only learn how to use technology, but you gain knowledge on how to communicate ideas better, work with people from a variety of backgrounds, and learn more about the global environment we live in. We offer associate, bachelor's, and graduate degrees. We also offer certificates and minors that allow you to customize your plan of study even more.

We immerse those creative minds in an environment that celebrates and rewards new thinking and new ideas. Dakota State University is proud to nurture that environment -- to be the catalyst -- for rewarding creation, invention, and opportunity for growth. The College of Arts & Sciences continues to provide leadership in demonstrating technology's application to the arts, humanities, science, math, music, and theatre.

An innovative creation between faculty and students led to pairing vocal music with video games in a one-of-a-kind performance for the DSU Music Program. Art students created a site-specific sculptural installation bridging DSU's rich history and technology mission. Books were the chosen medium for the project as they represent the traditional method of transmitting information, i.e., the printed word. They refer to the education mission at DSU, speaking to the history of the institution. The students chose RGB as the project's theme, using only books from those colors. RGB stands for red, green, and blue, the primary colors of light, and the color model for electronic devices like tablets, scanners, and monitors.

DSU undergraduate students have been commended on their research in the sciences with awards and recognition from NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium and the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Center for Environmental Research.

We think we do a pretty good job of offering a variety of activities here on campus. There is something for everyone, from Student Senate to Gaming Club, English Club, to a wide variety of intramural sports. In addition to all of the clubs and organizations, our residence life and FYRE programs offer tons of ways to get involved, make new friends, and truly stand out on our campus.

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