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College of Saint Elizabeth


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We are confident that you will have a personal experience here from the time you arrive on campus or have contact with the College, unlike that found in other colleges and universities. We know our students by name, and we commit to their dreams, walking side-by-side with them as their dreams are realized.
Today, we have 23 undergraduate majors, 16 graduate, and two doctoral programs to meet the evolving needs of those who choose to study here. We deliver our academic experiences to meet our students' needs because they are at our work's heart. Moreover, we commit to working with the broader community beyond our campus to ensure that what our students learn today can apply for many years to come.
We are incredibly proud of the ED CHOICE educational model, available in many graduate programs for working adults.
Our Catholic traditions and Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth heritage create a rich academic experience. We believe that if you are a student looking for a place to learn and grow, you will find C.S.E. a place that enriches your spirit and enlightens your mind.
We believe deeply in preparing our students for leadership roles on campus and their personal and professional lives. We work hard every day to make sure that students' time with us is transformational. We are committed to educating the whole student: mind, body, and spirit. These are the reasons that we have vital athletic programs for women and men, mentoring support, internships, faith and diversity programming, and why we differentiate ourselves with the C.S.E. Promise – a program entirely focused on helping you develop the skills and build the competencies that you will need to succeed after graduation.
Our core values of integrity, social responsibility, leadership, and excellence permeate every institution's aspect. Our students, employees, and graduates demonstrate these values every day in all that they do.
The mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth, sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, is to be a community of learning in the Catholic liberal arts tradition for students of diverse ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Through the vision and values of Elizabeth Ann Seton, Vincent de Paul, and Louise de Marillac and rooted in Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching, the College of Saint Elizabeth affirms its solidarity with the poor and its commitment to serve the community. The College of Saint Elizabeth will be nationally recognized for educating individuals who seek an education focused on engaged learning for leadership in service to others.
The mission of the Facilities Department is to develop a deliberate approach to the preservation of campus buildings and improve the functionality of the physical plant in a manner consistent with the College's strategic plan, through a careful cost-effective maintenance program, new construction, and renovations of older buildings. The Facilities Department is here to assist you with all your Facilities needs. Our goal is to provide the College campus with the best possible service and provide all students and employees on campus a cleaner and better-maintained facility.
Officers provide security at the Campus of Saint Elizabeth from A.P.G. Security, a contract security provider. The security coverage is 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the entire campus community. All security officers are registered with the State of New Jersey, having completed the Security Officer Registration Act (S.O.R.A.), which is required by the State. They are under the direction of the Security Director, an employee of A.P.G. Security as a contract employee of the College of Saint Elizabeth.
We hope that every student has only the most positive experiences at the College of Saint Elizabeth. College is an exciting, yet sometimes stressful, time in a person's life. We know that personal issues may interfere with students' progress on the journey toward their academic goals. Counseling Services helps students at the College address issues that are of personal concern to them.
A licensed mental health professional helps students identify and handle their stressors in healthy ways. If a parent or friend has a concern about their adult child or friend, they may call to advise the Counselor of that situation, but the Counselor cannot confirm or deny the clients' identity or speak about them if they are 18 or older. The Counselor appreciates such information as it helps to have as much knowledge about students as possible.
We are passionate about providing our guests with authentic flavors and fresh food handcrafted by our chefs every day. Our recipes come to life through our dedicated staff's hard work and imagination, who use only the best ingredients in the freshest ways possible. We believe in knowing where our food comes from. That is why we partner with the finest local, family-owned farms, and producers for a culinary experience that starts right in our neighborhood.

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