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Clear Creek Baptist Bible College


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Clear Creek Baptist Bible College provides housing for single students as well as families. We desire to allow men and women to find an affordable roof over their heads while they study to prepare for God's call on their lives. We have an abundance of two, three, and four-bedroom homes and a men's dormitory and women's apartments.
The work-study program at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is part of the financial aid we offer. Students can apply for various campus positions and earn money while taking classes. You can have part of your check put toward your school bill, or have all of it put toward your bill.
Student services provide a wealth of resources and services to the students. We desire to see our students succeed in answering the call that God has placed on their lives. We are here to serve the Lord by serving our students.
We offer services for all the aspects of your life: we connect you to counseling, our health clinic, child care, inexpensive clothing, school supplies, etc. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please feel free to contact Charlie Goodman's office.
Bear trail is a series of two and three-bedroom homes tucked-away on our wooded area of the campus right off of Kentucky Hwy 1491. It is our closest student housing area to the Pine Mountain State Park Lodge. The remote location of Bear Trail gives it a sense of privacy, but without losing a sense of community.
Harmony Heights is our most recently updated housing area for families. The Harmony addition houses six families in three two-story duplexes. These side-by-side structures all have three bedrooms and two bathrooms in each unit. Holly Hill is our largest housing area for families. Holly Hill has eight two-bedroom units and seven three-bedroom units for a variety of family sizes. Some units have basements and under-home storage areas.
Kelly Hall is among our most notable buildings and is our men's and guest dormitory. In addition to housing the single male residents and our commuting men, Kelly Hall also has rooms available for short-term rent. If you have family coming into town, we have a two-bedroom apartment with two baths for $60 per night. Also, there are individual rooms available for $20 per adult per night and a one-bedroom apartment for $45 per night. Belzoni Alumni Hall houses single girls. There are six three-bedroom units capable of housing up to six girls per apartment or six. The apartments have a full kitchen, and cable television is provided.
Dr. Lloyd Caswell Kelly, the pastor of the Pineville First Baptist Church, founded Clear Creek in 1926. His mission for bringing Christian education to the mountains was twofold. He was inspired to charter Clear Creek Mountain Springs, Inc. "...for educational, recreational and religious purposes, with two objectives in mind: (1) to provide grounds for assemblies and encampments and (2) to establish a base for a 'mountain mission' program." The first sessions for preachers were held July 18-August 1, 1926, with the twelve students. In 1946, the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky (now the Kentucky Baptist Convention) approved the school's name as Clear Creek Mountain Preacher's Bible School. The primary focus of the school continued to be educating God-called men and women for Christian ministry. From 1954-1982, Dr. Dennis Merrill Aldridge served as the second president of the school. Under his leadership, the school grew to offer a four-year baccalaureate degree. A charter revision in 1957 changed the name to Clear Creek Baptist School. From 1982-1988, Dr. Leon Dennis Simpson was President.
He led the school to receive accreditation from the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges (now Association of Biblical Higher Education) in 1986. At that time, the name was changed to Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. The Pomeroy Family Life Center was constructed. An innovative class schedule was adopted that encouraged enrollment of the commuting students. From 1988-2007 Dr. Bill D. Whittaker served as President of the college. Early in his administration, the college became debt-free and continues to operate without debt. In 1996, the Association of Biblical Higher Education reaffirmed the college's accreditation for ten years and then reaffirmed the accreditation until 2017. A successful capital campaign concluded in 1998 to complete a new classroom building and nearly a million dollars in the additional endowment. In June 1999, the college received accreditation with the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the accreditation was renewed in June of 2005. Dr. Donnie Fox has served as the fifth President of Clear Creek since 2007. The President's home was moved back on campus in the first year of his administration to interact with the campus family. The college continues to operate without debt under his leadership.

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