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Colorado Technical University's mission is to provide industry-relevant higher education to a diverse student population through innovative technology and experienced faculty, enabling the pursuit of personal and professional goals.
CTU offers you choices in the type of education you receive – and how, when, and where you pursue your degree. We are dedicated to providing excellence, innovation, and flexibility in education and lifelong learning options, from the Associate to the Doctoral level.
In a technology-driven world, our students must be exposed to advanced technology. At CTU, we embrace new technology and use it in innovative ways to enhance your learning experience. We offer you the advantage of connectivity, interactivity, and freedom of choice. From multiple classroom delivery options and mobile access to your coursework to social networking, you can engage in an authentic university experience, whether you study on campus, online, or both.
At CTU, we believe strongly in the importance of guidance and mentoring relationships that foster growth and motivate students to meet new challenges by helping them build their skills, knowledge, and confidence. Our faculty, student advisors, career services professionals, and support staff focus on individual student satisfaction and success.
CTU is committed to your ongoing personal discovery and professional achievement, whether you join us at the Associate, Bachelor's, Masters, or Doctoral level. With the option to pursue your degree full-time or part-time, on-campus, or online, CTU offers an opportunity to advance your education while respecting your lifestyle.
An online associate degree from Colorado Technical University helps you develop a solid understanding of the necessary skills required in your chosen field. It is a great way to position yourself to take the next step at your job or even explore a new career direction. You will establish core competencies in communications and math that are directly applicable to your degree. Better yet, an online associate degree program lets you do all of this from the convenience of your home, so it is less of a disruption to your work and personal life.
You will find the faculty at CTU know the trends and the skills required to be a success in their area of expertise. Moreover, even though you are taking classes online, you will get the opportunity to virtually meet, interact, and network with other like-minded students. That is valuable when it comes time to make your next career move.
When you decide to pursue a bachelor's degree from an accredited online school, such as Colorado Technical University, you are taking the first step toward making your educational dreams come true. Moreover, if you attend CTU, you do not have to stop living your life to make that happen.
CTU's online bachelor degree programs are built with your busy life in mind. You can work on your online bachelor's degree courses when and where it is most convenient for you. At night, during the day, on weekends, whichever option fits your busy schedule.
Ready to take your education to the next level but are not willing to put your life on hold? Then Colorado Technical University's online master's degree programs may be just right for you.
We offer more than 40 master's degrees and concentrations. You can take courses online from your home's convenience or on campus in Aurora (Denver area) or Colorado Springs — whichever suits you best. From computer science to information technology to a globally ranked top-tier online MBA program, our online master's degree programs provide the advanced education you need to help position yourself in your field.
Courses in the various online master's degree programs are taught by faculty knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. They are familiar with the latest trends, the most significant challenges, and emerging theories. They infuse this practical knowledge into their lectures, course materials, class assignments, and discussion board posts. As a result, when you complete your online master's degree, you have up-to-date, real-world knowledge, you can immediately put to use.
Since its establishment over half a century ago, Colorado Technical University (CTU) has helped thousands of students reach their educational and career goals in dozens of industries. From the beginning, CTU has placed a strong focus on providing industry-relevant degree programs to meet the needs of our students for employment and employers for a well-educated workforce. We continue to innovate in problem-based and adaptive learning, leveraging technology, and our dedicated faculty and staff.
We have also established ourselves as a leader of hybrid and online learning. In 2009, just nine years after implementing our online degree programs, CTU's Virtual Campus was named "Best of the Best" in the Computerworld Honors Program in the Academia and Education Category. In 2013, we received another great honor when our Online MBA program was ranked among the top 10 online MBA programs globally. We are proud that we can offer our students an award-winning technology that helps them receive a more flexible and customizable education.
In this competitive job market, pursuing your professional goals means being persistent and tapping into your available resources. Colorado Technical University's career services department offers tools, resources, and connections to help you pursue these goals. Our dedicated team of career services professionals offers advice, guidance, and direction to students and graduates looking to control their careers. Watch this brief video to learn about what CTU Career Services can do for you.

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