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California State University, Dominguez Hills


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California State University, Dominguez Hills, was founded in 1960; however, the campus sits on land with a long and rich history. The university's 346 acres were once a section of the first private land grant in Southern California—the Rancho San Pedro. Juan José Dominguez (1736-1809), a Spanish soldier, received the original grant of 75,000 acres in 1784 from King Carlos III of Spain. While much of the acreage has been sold and developed, portions remain in possession of Dominguez descendants. The site chosen for the university was known as the Dominguez Hills, named after the family.
CSU Dominguez Hills offers a wide selection of great degrees that reflect today's in-demand fields. Our degree programs offer a well-rounded curriculum that combines rigorous academics with a practical education.
CSUDH offers a wide selection of affordable degrees respected by leading employers and reflecting today's most relevant, dynamic, and in-demand fields. Our undergraduate majors, options, and concentrations and graduate degree programs and options, undergraduate certificate programs, and credential programs provide flexible options that allow you to customize your education to meet your academic and professional goals.
Build a strong educational foundation with the CSUDH degree of your choice. Covering a wide range of fields and disciplines, CSUDH undergraduate degrees have many qualities in common: A rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, dedicated and expert faculty, unique research and internship opportunities, and practical education that prepares you for success beyond the classroom.
Ready to advance your education? Tailored for working adults, CSUDH's graduate degree programs are designed to help you reach your professional and academic goals while balancing your other obligations. Graduate students collaborate closely with faculty mentors, learn in small, supportive cohorts, put classroom theory into workplace practice, and enjoy scholarships and grants.
From necessary teaching credentials to service credentials, exceptional education credentials, and state certificates, CSUDH's credential programs will help you meet the requirements you need to become a qualified educator in California. California State University, Dominguez Hills, commits to connect with the communities we serve and to build partnerships in the surrounding South Bay region of Southern California. Being a valued member of the community is one of the university's highest priorities. We work to develop and enhance CSU Dominguez Hills' relations with a wide range of constituent groups – residents, businesses, civic organizations, governmental agencies, and local legislators – promoting mutual understanding, coordinating the campus's response to local public policy issues, and helping members of the community access the university's many resources.
To successfully meet our mission and effectively serve our students and our community, CSU Dominguez Hills must find additional mechanisms to provide the high-quality physical learning environment necessary to educate our students and ensure CSUDH graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to compete and succeed in their chosen fields.
Academic buildings are critical to providing the foundational programs identified in the 1963 statewide master plan for higher education, including the sciences, business administration, education, and liberal arts. However, at CSU Dominguez Hills, such buildings are more than 40 years old. Since 2009, CSU Dominguez Hills has received no new state-funded buildings. Also, none of the temporary buildings from the 1960s have been replaced, and over the last 25 years, only two new state-funded buildings, Welch Hall and the Library addition, have been added to the campus. Foundational programs essential to high-quality academic instruction primarily reside in buildings constructed between 1963 and 1977 or in temporary buildings purchased by the campus.
In order to best position the university to leverage our unique land assets and generate additional revenue that can assist in financing and renovating academic buildings and support other academic instructional needs, the university recently partnered with AEG (operator of sports and entertainment venues around the world, including the StubHub Center on land leased from the university) and the City of Carson to engage the Urban Land Institute (ULI). ULI is comprised of accomplished developers, real estate specialists, economic development consultants, architects, academics, and other land-use professionals to assess and provide expert, independent, timely, and unbiased input on university land development plans and opportunities via an approach referred to as a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP).
Joining the CSUDH Greek community will allow you to meet many outstanding student leaders and become involved on campus and throughout the Los Angeles and South Bay communities. Membership in a fraternity or sorority helps foster friendships and creates many valuable networks to help you succeed in college. Greeks pride themselves on participating in experiences that highlight outstanding academics, culture, and social development, leadership, and service for and with others.
The Greek community is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus. We invite you to experience one of our 17 organizations as you begin to explore options for involvement and leadership on campus. Each fraternity and sorority brings something unique to Greek Life. Whether it is philanthropy activities, campus leadership, or social programs, there are always opportunities for involvement.

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