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Massage Schools of Queensland


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Established in 1988 and located on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, Massage Schools of Queensland is a leading specialist in providing professional massage training throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane, delivering a series of engaging and rewarding massage courses. We are renowned for our high standards, excellence in teaching, and utmost professionalism.

Our massage courses are designed to provide students with all the necessary practical and theoretical skills to enter the massage industry, and all of our courses offer students priceless industry experience, allowing them to apply their newly acquired expertise to members of the general public through our state of the art Student Clinic. In addition to the first-class tuition, students at Massage Schools of Queensland enjoy a level of individual care and attention that is second to none.

As our society realizes the importance of nurturing and caring for our bodies, the demand for qualified and highly skilled Therapeutic, Remedial, and Shiatsu therapists increases. Possibly the oldest form of therapeutic practice known to humanity, massage has featured prominently in cultures throughout history. More than mere physical reconditioning, massage aids in healing the most critical element of a human being, the mind.

We are a private education provider offering specialized niche industry-based training in massage and body sciences to empower people to change their lives and the lives of others. With years of experience in providing quality training, Massage Schools of Queensland is proud of its reputation for excellence and the high standard of qualified therapists practicing locally, nationally, and internationally. Whether you want a career in this rapidly growing wellness industry or perhaps necessary skills as a hobby, our courses can help you achieve your goals, knowing that you have had the best training available to offer your clients depth of knowledge and a skill level that is unrivaled.

Our Values and Philosophy is to respect for the individual is essential to the school, and a Code of Practice is followed by staff and students alike. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged and, as potential practitioners, students are encouraged to develop good communication and ‘people’ skills and maintain their physical fitness. We aim to provide students with an enjoyable, quality education experience and to promote the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapy within our community.

Massage students come from various professional backgrounds and personal experiences yet forge powerful bonds as they harmoniously work together to achieve their study commitments. Students are encouraged to practice their massage skills on various classmates to become familiar with different body types and gain a deeper understanding of individual client needs.

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