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Established in 1979, ACS Distance Education is a leading Australian Distance Education provider that offers over 600 courses via correspondence, online, or on CD. The institution has staff working out of Victoria, S.A., and Qld in Australia, Scotland and England, and N.Z. Our courses, course notes, and most recommended texts are all developed by our staff. These courses are also delivered worldwide through our network of affiliates.

ACS has educated over 150,000 full and part-time students, many of whom have gone on to successful employment, both in industry or in their businesses. Others have used their courses to develop a hobby or simply broaden their general education. We currently have over 4000 students enrolled from Australia and around the world. The school employs staff in three states of Australia, plus the U.K. and New Zealand. As such, our courses and service have a truly global focus. The courses have been developed with substantial industry input from around the world. They are continually updated based on surveys undertaken by both current students and graduates every month of the year.

The school holds high the ideals of practical education, emphasizing in all courses those things which are relevant to "real life." Courses offered to cater to hobby interest through to formal training in the industry and the professions. We believe that by providing an alternative education to mainstream vocational colleges and universities, we can differentiate our graduates and give them real life advantages over graduates from more traditional institutions.

However, these differences must be (and are) pursued without compromising academic excellence in any way whatsoever. In principle, we tend to favor experiential learning and problem based learning rather than CBT (Competency-Based Training). We believe learning is more important than assessment. For us, assessment should be provided more to enhance the learning experience and less to rank students; the school and its tutors have always been active in the industry. We believe strongly that maintaining an awareness of current information and trends enables us to keep our course notes and services to students up to date and relevant. When you study with this school, you learn from people who are doing what you are studying daily.

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