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Murdoch University has a mission to prepare you for life beyond graduation. Their approach combines cutting-edge theory with real-world experiences and a strong focus on student support. Unlike other institutions, at Murdoch University, you couple your study with work in your field to ensure you are ready for a successful career.

Murdoch University is passionate about what they do and helps you get the skills, knowledge, and life experience you need to achieve your goals. As one of Australia's leading research institutions, they are known for innovation and critical thinking. No matter where your interests lie, Murdoch University will help you become the best you can be.

A Murdoch education means that you will have access to a range of real-world facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities include an operating veterinary clinic, nationally renowned engineering pilot plant, fully equipped TV and radio studios, practicing chiropractic clinic, sports science performance labs, and our world-class law moot court. You will also have 24-hour access to computer labs and our Library Learning Common.

Murdoch University works closely with industry, the community, and government to provide you with opportunities to apply your theory in a practical environment. Through work-integrated learning, practicum placements, hands-on projects, and internship experiences, you will learn so much more about your industry. Murdoch University is ranked 68 in the Times Higher Education Top Young Universities in the world. With more than 23,000 students from 120 different countries, the Perth Campus is home to a diverse staff and student community. Plus, the Singapore and Dubai campuses offer exciting opportunities for exchange and international collaboration.

At MIT, we take a complete approach to university preparation. We do not just consider what you are learning; we also shape how you are learning. You will experience a university-style course structure of lectures, tutorials, and seminars. Like university students, you will be assessed through exams, course work, assignments, and group tasks. At university, you will be expected to be proactive and independent in your study. At MIT, we recognize that it is a skill set you learn, and we teach you how to do it.

At Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT), our mission is to support you in getting the degree you want. We offer a range of flexible courses for domestic and international students, with direct undergraduate study pathways at Murdoch University. We place a particular focus on student care, flexibility, and a complete approach to university preparation. As the only college on university grounds, you get to experience campus life while accessing world-class facilities at MIT. Ease your transition into a degree with our help.

We have worked with Murdoch University academic staff to develop a teaching program based around the university syllabus. So, you get the advantage of being introduced to your degree content early on. Your transition into Murdoch University will be smooth. With three intakes per year and a flexible course structure, you can speed up your completion or take on a lighter course load without slowing down your course duration. Plus, with a wide variety of bachelor's degrees available at Murdoch University, you are sure to find the course you want.

Get a head start and graduate straight into the second year of a Murdoch University bachelor's degree with an MIT diploma. Or, if you complete our Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC), then you gain entry straight into the first year of most degrees. You could be studying the degree of your choice in just six months.

At MIT, you have also got the option of combining a MUPC with a Diploma course. By doing so, you will be on a rapid-progress route to a degree without the burden of an excessive study load.

By beginning your study with us, you can reduce your degree's overall time to complete your degree. If you completed Year 12 at school, you could complete a Bachelor's degree more than six months sooner than regular students. Year 11 students can save themselves up to a year of study time.

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