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AIS Montessori and Elementary School


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It has been two glorious years since AIS Montessori & Elementary School was founded. Over these two years, while the school was smoothly moving forward, the Administrative staff have worked diligently to bring AIS to a new level. As a result, it was decided to add dimension to its educational system – Montessori and Early Childhood Education.
We are proud to announce that AIS International School has now evolved into AIS Montessori & Elementary School. AIS Montessori & Elementary School maintains the original AIS goal with the addition of Montessori and Early Childhood Education; We will ensure student success encompassing the advancement and growth of the whole student. We will hearten their academic ambitions, strengthen their character, and augment their leadership skills through an innovative approach combining the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, Chinese Culture curriculum, Montessori curriculum, and Early Childhood Care.
Within our first two years, we have cemented the foundation for a tradition, focusing not only on academic excellence but also on leadership prestige, character development, and community citizenship. We continue to look forward to a productive collaboration with you, the parent, to support and ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. Administration, Staff, and Parents of AIS Montessori & Elementary School will make an enduring and positive life-long difference in our students' lives.
AIS Montessori and Elementary School will provide an exceptional and balanced educational experience with strong academics, arts, sports, and life preparation. AIS Montessori and Elementary School strives to provide an education that fosters core virtues of kindness, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, integrity, and humility. We recognize and welcome the unique gifts brought by each child we serve. We will provide an environment for our students to achieve their full academic potential and become outstanding people who will contribute to making our world a better place.
AIS Montessori and Elementary School is committed to supporting students in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need for successful outcomes. We offer educational programs that promote high standards while providing students with learning opportunities and support. The Ontario Ministry of Education determines our elementary school curriculum expectations by grade or subject/course.

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