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Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School


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We have a strong relationship with our parents and partners. Providing an excellent educational experience for all of our students is Aberdeen Hall's top priority. Our specialized teachers are passionate about education and our students. We offer a unique global curriculum that includes daily core instruction, starting in Kindergarten, with classes in French, music, and physical education. Our goal is to guide our students to focus on and master the core skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with developing a real appreciation of the arts, health, and character education. We take pride in a community setting where we recognize and meet our students' individual needs with small class sizes and personal attention. Every student is respected and valued at Aberdeen Hall.

To experience optimal growth, children have two primary needs: The feeling that they are secure and loved, and the understanding that they can achieve. When these needs are met, our students develop a sense of confidence and positive self-worth that empowers their potential. Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School is a special place, and I would like to welcome you to our community. We have a great deal to offer and have built the school around the following:

  • Excellent Academics
  • Individual Attention
  • After School Clubs
  • Vibrant Community

Aberdeen Hall features secure communication with parents, specialty subject-specific teachers, and a unique global curriculum. Starting in Kindergarten, our students receive daily core instruction, have specialized teachers for French, music, and physical education. Our goal is to focus on and master the core skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic while developing a real appreciation of the arts, health, and character education.

We take pride in a community setting where we recognize and meet the student's individual needs. Our most valuable resource is our people, and the best means of measuring what we care about is to come for a visit, walk the halls, and meet the students and staff. If you think that Aberdeen Hall may be a good fit for your child, I encourage you to call me personally for an interview and tour of the school.

At Aberdeen Hall, we seek to admit well-rounded students who choose to be at our school. We are looking for students who demonstrate leadership through academic performance, co-curricular activities, and civic engagement. We care about our students and seek students who value education and are prepared to enrich our incredible school community. Applications to Aberdeen Hall are accepted year-round and are increasingly competitive. We encourage families to begin the application process as early as possible.

At Aberdeen Hall, we believe part of an enriched school experience involves working and living with people from diverse backgrounds—economic, social, cultural, and religious. To help us achieve this, Canadian Citizens unable to pay full tuition are welcome to apply to the school's financial assistance program. Annual awards to both new and returning students are based on demonstrated need along with several other criteria. Returning students applying or reapplying for financial assistance must be in good academic and social standing. Financial Assistance applications are available through the Director of Finance and reviewed on an annual basis. Final decisions rest with the Financial Assistance Committee. Requests should only be made after a student has completed the application process, and an offer of acceptance has been made.

Aberdeen Hall offers limited scholarships for new applicants only, registering in Grades 6 to 12. Scholarships are awarded if a student demonstrates a highly advanced extracurricular pursuit. Examples may include national Citizenship or community service recognition or competition at a provincial/national sports or arts level and being a top academic achiever. Please note that the qualification for financial assistance (income-tested annually) is required. Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the student's time at Aberdeen Hall. Non-financial aspects of the scholarship program, including an essay, two references, and in some cases, an examination, will be required. Please note that Canadian Citizenship is also a requirement.

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