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Agora International School Barcelon


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Agora International School Barcelona was founded in 2008 with the principal objective of providing a truly international education for our students, to prepare them for life within the global community. Since our inception, we have aimed to encourage all our students to achieve their maximum academic and personal potential. Our excellent team of highly qualified and experienced staff is dedicated to achieving these goals.
Agora International School Barcelona is a private school, member of the Globeducate group. The school is located in San Esteve Ses Rovires, 25 kilometers from Barcelona, in a beautiful natural setting. We provide an all-around and inherently international educational experience a tri-lingual approach, diverse with a robust underlying value system catering to our students' individual needs and the school community as a whole. Our language policy involves immersion in many languages. Our senior students work towards either the Spanish Bachillerato, the International Baccalaureate (IB), or a dual award Vocational Training and official certification in English. We aim to encourage our pupils to have a passion for excellence, social commitment, and critical thinking, helping them achieve both academic and personal success.
The facilities at Agora International School Barcelona are built to suit each stage of the curriculum's requirements, and we pay special attention to music, art, and sport, which we believe form an essential part of our students' all-around education. The school site accommodates classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and a fully equipped Sports Centre that incorporates two AstroTurf football pitches, basketball, handball, tennis and padel courts, and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. Agora International School Barcelona is affiliated with Barcelona's renowned music center, "Conservatori Liceu," enabling our students to experience performing in the Liceu's Concert Hall and at Barcelona's Palau de la Música.
For schools in the Globeducate, the concept of international education is crucial to our vision and educational philosophy. It is one of the main features that differentiates us from other educational institutions. The Globeducate group promotes international culture and an open mindset for the entire school community, providing unique learning experiences at both an academic and personal level. Students can participate in events and activities all over the world, encouraging a spirit of global community and companionship.
The main aim of Agora International School Barcelona is to help our students to become modern, global citizens. We equip them with a sound base of academic and interpersonal skills and an outstanding musical, sporting, artistic, and values-based education. We go beyond the demands of a traditional curriculum, placing prime importance on music, sports and the arts, which we embrace within our curriculum for their positive contribution to our students' cognitive, creative and social development.
Music, art, and creative subjects promote skills and abilities such as concentration, memory, sensitivity, creativity, and sensory development, which can be applied across may include other fields. Likewise, sport develops physical skills and encourages values such as teamwork, friendship, respect, and cooperation. All these disciplines form part of the school's daily routine and vital for our students' all-around education.

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