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Catholic University of The Sacred Heart


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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is Europe's most prominent Catholic university; It is also the only university in Italy with campuses all over the country: in Milan, Piacenza, Cremona, Brescia and Rome – which is also home to the Agostino Gemelli General Hospital. Academic excellence, a commitment to charting the frontiers of research, and high standards of services are the strengths of an institution long recognized for its openness to innovation and change. Università Cattolica holds a place in the European tradition as a seat of cultural development. The essential and robust focus on a comprehensive, unifying building of knowledge facilitates an understanding and interpretation of the complexities of life today. The university's mission translates into the offer of an education focused on the development of the person as a whole.
Based on these ideals and this commitment, Università Cattolica has educated many of the individuals in the past and present positions of leadership in Italy. The thousands of graduates since the institution's foundation include eminent scholars, politicians, lawyers, educators, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, journalists, writers, publishers, and Church leaders. Moreover, there are so many other graduates, some better known than others, who have contributed to building Università Cattolica's reputation in Italy and around the world.
The Rector of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is Franco Anelli. He is full professor of private law in the Faculty of Law and is the eighth rector since the founding of Università Cattolica by Father Agostino Gemelli in 1921.
Following the original tenure of Father Gemelli from 1921 to 1959, the position of Rector has been subsequently held by Francesco Vito (1959-1965), Ezio Franceschini (1965-1968), Giuseppe Lazzati (1968-1983), Adriano Bausola (1983-1998), Sergio Zaninelli (1998-2002) and Lorenzo Ornaghi (2002-2012).
The Rector is appointed by the Board of Directors and is the university's highest-ranking academic. The Board undertakes selection from five candidates proposed by the Academic Senate based on nominations made by the Faculty Boards. Full professors with at least five years' tenure at the university are eligible for the position.
The Rector is also the university's legal representative. He convenes and chairs meetings of the Directors, the Executive Committee, the Academic Senate, the University Council, and the Management Council of the Agostino Gemelli General Hospital. He promotes coordinated operations on all university campuses to achieve the institution's aims and objectives. Through edicts, he issues bye-laws and amendments as deliberated by the previously mentioned bodies. The Rector may appoint any number of Vice-Rectors to whom specific functions may be delegated. He serves a four-year term of office and may be reconfirmed for no more than two consecutive mandates.
The Academic Senate is made up of the Deans of the faculties and is chaired by the Rector. It is the decision-making body for teaching and scientific issues of overall interest to the university. It deliberates on matters concerning the regulations, planning, and coordination of teaching and research activities.
The faculties' primary responsibility is to promote and organize the teaching of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, Specializing Master's programs, Specialization Diploma programs, and other teaching activities as set out by law and by the university statutes and ordinances. The faculties work with the university departments in the organization of research doctorate programs.

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