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Bologna Business School is an international community made up of ideas, people, networks, and projects. We are the Business School of the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the Western world. Our home is Villa Guastavillani, a splendid 16th-century residence located in the heart of Italy, in one of the most attractive and intriguing regions in Europe.
At Bologna Business School, we believe in the transformative power of expertise, passion, and courage, and the prospect of making things happen. We are inspired by and draw from the highest international standards to provide learning environments that are rigorous, innovative, and in constant dialogue with the business community.
At Bologna Business School, we have deep roots locally. These roots provide the nourishment and energy that set us apart and allow us to measure up to thought, technology, and business leaders. We have the privilege of Bologna as our point of departure and the responsibility to demonstrate our unique expertise to the world.
At Bologna Business School, we support and promote personal and professional development that is autonomous, responsible, and flexible. We encourage curiosity and the ability to adapt; we favor the creation of open and active interpersonal networks and promote leadership that is courageous and inspiring.
At Bologna Business School, we are forward-looking and provide cutting-edge yet accessible services. We do not walk away from challenges, and always seek to innovate to grow and strengthen our community of students, alumni, faculty, business networks, and international partner universities.
Dialogue across different fields of study, the sharing of practical experiences, experimentation with new technologies. Our interdisciplinary approach is present in the classroom, in our business partnerships, and in our network, all supported by leaders from every academic and professional sphere.
We are rooted in the local economy of our territory: Emilia-Romagna. Innovative researches and project developments in partnership with Italian and international companies. Our robust integration with the entrepreneurial world creates value and opens the doors to growth.
We are characterized by the ability to adapt to any context, mental flexibility, and responsible entrepreneurship. Our dynamism turns ideas into action, identifies opportunities in the most challenging circumstances, and supports our students as they reinvent themselves and their careers.
Global vision, self-awareness, an open and collaborative spirit: our international identity means living and acting glocally, with a truly global view, and drawing from an increasingly diverse community.
Academics, art, technology, and flavors: an urban campus situated in an international capital of excellence in academics, food & wine, automobiles, automation, tourism, and fashion. Our Bologna is Villa Guastavillani, the campus nestled in the green hills just steps from the city.
Students, faculty, alumni, businesses, institutions, and partner universities: our community is a combination of the stories and projects of the thousands of individuals who animate the life of Bologna Business School inside and beyond the walls of the School.
At Bologna Business School, we believe in cutting-edge and high-quality education. With this in mind, we design our course offering with the strategic guidance of an International Advisory Board, and the day-to-day input of mixed teams made up of academics, practitioners, consultants, and players on the global socio-economic scene.
At Bologna Business School, we believe in continuing and customized education. This is why we build our programs to fit the needs of our stakeholders. Young managers want to grow professionally and personally, strengthening specific functional skills or deepening their understanding of specific market sectors. Recent graduates who are entering the workforce and require knowledge, techniques, and practical tools in addition to traditional university education. Executives and professionals ready to challenge themselves, consolidate their knowledge base and raise the bar with their skills through work-study, training, and access to new networks. Companies and institutions are aware of the complexity of new glocal realities that are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that derive from leveraging their internal human capital.
At Bologna Business School, we believe in accessible and open education. That is why we encourage the right to education by providing scholarships each year and guaranteeing honor loans to all international students.

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