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Since 1964, Union Institute & University has specialized in providing quality higher education degrees for adults nationwide. The Union is a non-profit, regionally accredited university that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in a delivery model that is the result of more than five decades of identifying and refining ways to structure and deliver education to meet the needs of adults. Distinguished as the pioneer in adult education, Union perfected the concepts now common in higher education, such as the hybrid model, a blend of online and traditional classroom instruction interdisciplinary studies, and student-centered education with socially relevant and applicable learning outcomes.
Union Institute & University is committed to academic excellence and ensures institutional quality through continuous assessment and review of programs, processes, policies, and outcomes. Union Institute & University supports different modes of disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry that examine underlying assumptions, explore issues from multiple perspectives, and develop new ways of thinking.
Union Institute & University provides an educational experience whereby scholarship and theory are connected and applied to real-world action and practice. Union Institute & University recognizes that with knowledge comes the responsibility to serve in advancing a culturally pluralistic, equitable, and interdependent world.
Union Institute & University is committed to promoting diversity among its academic community and the world. Union Institute & University is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of performance and conducts its affairs with transparency, integrity, and respect.
Union students come from all backgrounds. No matter your circumstances, we give you the freedom to do your classwork when convenient for you. At Union Institute & University, we are proud to empower every graduate with a future of success. Meet some of the Union’s exceptional graduates who highlight the passionate dedication and personal achievement that is a part of every Union student.
We place students at the center of their education. Whether you are completing an unfinished degree, seeking an advanced degree to further your professional development, or fulfilling a lifetime goal, we have the academic program to match your needs, schedule, and aspirations.
At Union Institute & University, we are committed to providing the best value for an online university. We know that paying for your education is an investment in the future. That is why we are serious about our pledge to making higher education affordable and accessible. With accelerated degree completion options and liberal transfer policy, Union is your doorway to achieving your dreams.
At Union Institute & University, you do not have to worry about the difference in time zones. We let you learn and study wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you. Regardless of where you are from, Union will honor your life experiences to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. As an international student, you get the flexibility of a distance education that can be completed anywhere with a diverse community of learners. Union Institute & University welcomes students from all over the world who want to continue their education and advance their careers.
At Union Institute & University, we strive to provide every student with a positive and productive environment. We understand the unique needs of our adult distance education students and the balance between school and life. That is why we provide exceptional one-to-one support and various academic services just for you.
Union Institute & University is committed to providing equal educational opportunity and support to our students with disabilities. We are proud to make reasonable accommodations to students with a disability when requests such accommodations are made along with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Writing your first – or even your last – college paper can be intimidating. At Union Institute & University, you do not have to go it alone. Our writing center staff can help you put your ideas on paper and boost your confidence. Whether you need a refresh on how to write or just another set of eyes to look things over, we’ll help you master the writing process and make writing future papers easier.
Union Institute & University is focused on developing a diverse skill-set that will give you an edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Through our professional network, we connect you with employers looking for people with your talents. We work individually with you to understand your skills and interests, so you can successfully market yourself and land a rewarding career.

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