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National Institute of Dramatic Art


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NIDA is Australia's leading institute for education and training in the performing arts. Our programs respond to the rapidly evolving global arts and culture environment and encompass a broad range of accredited courses across different disciplines, including graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, and diplomas. We also offer an extensive program of public short courses for adults and children through NIDA Open and our highly successful corporate training program, NIDA Corporate.

NIDA is a powerhouse for developing Australia's creative and cultural sector, challenging current thinking and practice, and producing graduates who will be innovators and leaders. Our sought-after alumni work worldwide on stage, on-screen, behind the scenes, and leading significant events and organizations.

Each year we welcome more than 12,500 students of all backgrounds and abilities through NIDA Open. Our flexible short courses are designed for children, young people, and adults and are delivered by our expert tutors. There are hundreds of courses on offer covering anything from musical theatre to television presenting, and they run all year-round, all across Australia.

NIDA believes that performance principles can help build successful careers and our Corporate training programs produce confident and polished presenters. Tutors draw directly from their expertise in training some of Australia's best performers, providing individuals and corporate teams with the skills and confidence to be effective workplace communicators and successful public speakers.

As a not-for-profit organization, NIDA acknowledges our donors, corporate partners, and sponsors' generous support in providing the best teaching resources, training opportunities, and educational experiences available. NIDA receives funding from the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts, Department of Communications and the Arts, and is a member of the Australian Roundtable for Arts Training Excellence (Arts8): an initiative between the national performing arts training organizations and the Australian Government committed to providing unique and high-level training for emerging artists.

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