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When Mount Royal first opened its doors more than 100 years ago — Sept. 1911 — welcomed 179 students. Today, some 12,000 credit students take a variety of programs and courses, including bachelor's degrees, applied degrees, university transfer courses, diplomas, and certificates. The courses offered have changed over time, but Mount Royal's focus remains the same — providing you with quality teaching and small class sizes. Experience has also taught Mount Royal the importance of preparing students well for life after graduation. That means practical and current information and hands-on learning through work placements, practicum, and co-op education.
Quam bene nonquantum: our motto, and Latin for "how well, not how much." Since our beginnings more than 100 years ago, we have been committed to quality post-secondary education. Mount Royal has transformed since then, but some things will never change. We remain committed to providing intellectually engaged learning opportunities in classes led by a passionate professor.
From the time of our first campus — affectionately known as "the barn" — to today's high-tech university grounds, environmentally-friendly buildings, and diverse educational offerings, Mount Royal has continually embraced change to meet people's needs and the community it serves. Our facilities and programs have expanded dramatically since our 1910 founding, but our purpose remains the same — to provide personalized learning that fosters the success and satisfaction of our students.
In providing an exceptional undergraduate educational experience, Mount Royal University cultivates student academic, personal and professional learning experiences. Fostering comprehensive post-secondary learning means creating an environment with accessible academic and personal learning resources for all students and connecting students to these outstanding opportunities.
We are looking to you and others like you, who believe in the value of education. Supporters who desire to make a difference in the lives of our students and community understand that education is not just about getting a job — it's also about creating an outstanding learning experience and becoming the engaged citizens we encourage all of our students to be.

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