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  Trinity Bible College and Graduate School were founded in 1948 as Lakewood Park Bible School. It is located on a beautiful 28-acre campus on the east side of Ellendale, North Dakota. The centerpiece of the campus is the Block Memorial Chapel.
Other buildings on campus include the Lowell Lundstrom Heartland Student Life Center, the Ray Ulmer Field House, Liechty Hall, Davidson Hall, Daniel Schneck Kesler Hall, the Fern, and John Liechty Fitness Center, and the most recent addition is the Prayer & Teaching Center featuring two classrooms, a conference room, a spacious atrium with a waterfall, a prayer chapel, a kitchen, and connecting corridors. The Bob Tatum Football Field and a large practice field make up the rest of the campus grounds.
Trinity is affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The governing body of the College is the Board of Trustees. Board membership consists of Assembly of God district superintendents, individuals from the fields of church ministries, professions, education, and members-at-large.
Trinity Bible College (TBC) is a fully accredited institution in good standing with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).
Trinity Bible College & Graduate School is committed to training and educating people with theological reflection and missional passion. People and communities everywhere will hear the good news of Jesus and see His love demonstrated.
Over the coming years, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School will continue to develop its role as a leading Pentecostal Bible college in the USA and beyond. We will champion the cause of raising and training well-equipped leaders and prepare our students to be capable, skilled individuals fitted for service in today's world. We will emphasize lifelong learning, spiritual vitality, and life skills, ensuring that our graduates make a Christ-centered contribution to the communities in which they live and work. We will always take seriously the diverse world in which we live. From the view that accepts the Christian Gospel as the fundamental under-girding for life, we will ensure that our students are trained and encouraged to serve Jesus Christ authentically while handling complexity and diversity effectively.
We will seek to pioneer the development of innovative training, scholarly understanding and critical awareness in order to prepare people to plant churches, enter the cross-cultural ministry or the workplace in such a way as to build churches and communities that genuinely show the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. We will adapt to changes in our society and culture by ensuring the development of talented, highly-skilled, and motivated staff, effective governance, management, and leadership. We will achieve this by providing well-resourced facilities and a commitment to network in an unthreatened way with churches and institutions that share our vision for a better world through the sending and placing of well trained Christian leaders.
Trinity Bible College and Graduate School are remarkably well-positioned to offer the highest levels of education and training to today's students. The College operates from a sound financial base, boasts best practice in governance, and has a lovely campus with some brand new construction.
More importantly, we remain unashamedly committed to the mission that was the reason for the CollegeCollege's founding nearly 70 years ago — to prepare men and women to serve Christ in ministry, mission, and the workplace. At Trinity, you will find a passionate and well-qualified faculty. You will find very dedicated administrators and a vibrant community of students drawn from around the US and beyond.
You are invited on a journey to explore a future filled with possibility at Trinity Bible College. At Trinity, you will find quality education, compelling spiritual life, and relationships that will last a lifetime.
Our size and unique setting make every student necessary. You are not likely to get "lost" in the crowd. Our student-faculty ratio of 11:1 allows you to become acquainted with your instructors, making your educational experience more personal and meaningful.
Trinity provides you with the opportunity to learn in a Christian environment, develop life-long relationships in a Spirit-filled collegiate setting, and mature and develop in your walk with God. Chapel services and Christian Service opportunities supplement the classroom experience and enhance practical spiritual development. Perhaps the most crucial element is to explore the calling of God in your life regardless of vocation.
All of our academic programs share the central purpose of preparing Spirit-filled men and women for Christian service.
Whether in the context of vocational ministry, education, business, music, counseling, or other areas of study, your personal, professional, and spiritual development are essential.
Trinity Distance Education (DE) provides education and training to students across our nation. Whether you are just starting your college studies or you are returning to finish your degree, TBC online studies have been designed by our DE faculty to help you learn the information and skills needed for your future, either as a vocational minister or as a Christian leader in another profession.

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