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London Business School is a world-class global business school that combines academic excellence, London spirit, and a global mindset. We bring together outstanding faculty and students, recognized around the world for their expertise and impact. Our faculty participate in policy discussions and engage with a wide diversity of business leaders, from the heads of global corporations to entrepreneurs in Africa. Moreover, our students bring an unparalleled breadth of background and experience to our campus. Of course, no school can bring together outstanding faculty and students without outstanding staff. Their professionalism and dedication to the School community set us apart.
We are a global school based in the world's most global city. We draw strength from the diversity of our community and our shared ambition for the future. London Business School is one of the world's elite business schools. We shape business practices and transform careers across the globe. Our academic strength drives original and provocative business thinking, empowering our people to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique academic environment.
Location is everything. The strength we draw from the cultural diversity and the hunger and dynamism of London set us apart like no other school. We offer unparalleled access to some of the world's most successful businesses, who work right on our doorstep. Our people are a reflection of the city where we are based, where commerce, finance, science, the arts, media, heritage, and multiculturalism collide with energy and enthusiasm.
We are thought leaders with an unquenchable thirst for learning and a devotion to world-class research and teaching. Our international faculty is the best in the world. In the classroom, they share their research and thought leadership with you. In the boardroom, they advise some of the worlds' most prominent clients. Our people benefit from this combined expertise, all the while learning how to impact the way the world does business positively.
We are the only non-US business school to have been ranked number one in the world for our full-time MBA program (Financial Times), and we hold the highest average research score of any UK higher education institution. We think global. We provide a varied, multicultural learning environment that gives us a global edge and a unique competitive advantage.
We are a melting pot of ideas, energy, and influences. Ninety percent of our Masters's degree students come from outside the UK, and our Executive Education participants come from more than 130 countries. Exposure to our unique academic environment and access to the 40,000 secure worldwide alumni networks continues to shape successful careers around the world.
Ours is a global school with global ambition. Big businesses, small businesses, and entrepreneurs all benefit from our unmatched diversity of thought. No other school can guarantee such richly diverse, vibrant, hungry, and connected experience, nor a powerfully global perspective. At London Business School, we strive to have a profound impact on the way the world does business and how business impacts the world. Our communal spirit creates an environment where we support and inspire, helping our people achieve their fullest potential.
We challenge how things are done, and we teach our students always to question and innovate. We believe in providing our students with the most diverse, world-class, and rewarding business education. Over four decades, our graduates have increased tenfold, and our executive program participants twenty fold. One thousand alumni have become more than 42,000, with 113 alumni clubs stretching across every continent.
We nurture our students to challenge the status quo, question the norm, and develop the skills to become the world's best business leaders. Over the years, we have adopted a genuinely global outlook tackling challenges faced by international businesses and their leaders.
Since 1964, we have extended our global footprint to Dubai, Hong Kong, and New York. Our world-class London Business School Executive Education program reaches 8,000 participants each year and is delivered in 35 countries worldwide. We nurture a courageous attitude in our people: to question the norm and not be afraid to admit they do not always have the answer. We draw energy and ideas from our immensely diverse community while respecting individual and cultural values. Our faculty, students, and alumni are engaged, passionate, and ambitious: determined to push boundaries and experiment.
We are continually evolving to reflect the ever-changing business landscape, always looking to improve and explore new avenues. That is why we will continue to influence how the world does business for generations to come. We are the only non-US business school to have been ranked number one in the world for our full-time MBA program (Financial Times), and we hold the highest average research score of any UK higher education institution.
We have over 130 world-leading core faculty members representing over 30 countries. Our faculty are influential experts who generate a wealth of thought leadership by combining the best of academia and real-world problem-solving. We are at the forefront of business expertise, now and for generations to come.

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