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Liverpool Community College


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The College first opened in 1992, following an amalgamation of the previous four existing colleges across the City. Until late 2013, the College was known as Liverpool Community College. We are now proud to be The City of Liverpool College, serving more than a third of all 16-18-year-olds in Liverpool and educating almost 20,000 students a year. Our students are spread across our 500 academic and vocational courses, offering them the most comprehensive choice in the City at the highest standard of learning.
The size and breadth of the College put us at the heart of the City. Our daily work brings us in contact with partners and stakeholders of all kinds from large corporations and household names, and frequently, we work with Liverpool City Council. We work closely with local training providers and employers in the private, public, and voluntary sectors to deliver the broadest range of further education courses delivered with practical experience.
Our close working relationships with businesses ensure that we keep up to date with what employers need, but crucially ensures our students are equipped with the skills to find employment and succeed.
We are heavily involved in a wide range of innovative programs. As a Gazelle college, we promote an enterprising culture for students to develop confidence and entrepreneurial skills to help create future jobs.
Our experienced and expert Pastoral Care Team across campus provides help, advice, and information to students on all issues relating to their personal, social development, and overall wellbeing while studying with us.
Achievement Coaches are available to give you one to one support. They help you get over any barriers you have to success, offering you a listening ear, improving your study skills, building your confidence and helping you to achieve your aims at College
During your time at College, you will be supported and encouraged to work hard to achieve success. However, we also want it to be interesting, fun, exciting, and rewarding. Make the most of your time in College through a range of exciting activities.
As part of your health and wellbeing, we offer bespoke sports services from our College Sports Maker. Sport can be used to decrease stress levels, increase energy levels, and help with concentration for a holistic approach to student life.
The City of Liverpool College was launched in 1992 from an amalgamation of some further education colleges from across the City.
Almost 20,000 students study at The City of Liverpool College every year. Over a third of all 16-18 year olds in The City of Liverpool choose to study with us.
Our Pastoral Team build and coordinate a calendar of events throughout the year to support our student’s wellbeing and personal development.
We have hundreds of courses to choose from that lead on to higher education or in to wide and varied careers..

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