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    The Royal College of Music in Stockholm educates musicians and music teachers at the highest international level. KMH traces its roots back to 1771 and has recently moved into a modern campus area – the future music college. We preserve our musical heritage, and at the same time, we are continually developing. The Royal College of Music in Stockholm is an inspiring setting for artistic learning and development – an excellent place to develop your talent and ability, deepen your understanding, and explore new fields of knowledge. At KMH, you will meet other students and skilled teachers involved in various disciplines: classical music, Nordic folk music, music from other cultures, jazz, improvisation, composition, conducting, music, and media production, as well as various forms of music education.
    Collaboration with KMH allows music to meet completely different areas such as technology, finance, medicine, health, etc. It also allows interaction through music at different levels, from different cultures, different genres, etc. KMH also interacts with the surrounding community through many different outreach activities. KMH receives many exchange students from various countries and is actively involved in several international organizations.
    KMH will be an outstanding international center for musicians and music teachers' education of the highest quality. This is our vision. The Royal College of Music in Stockholm is the only independent institution of higher education in music in Sweden. We educate students at the highest international level in folk music, jazz/pop/rock music, classical music, conducting, composition, music, media production, and various teacher education programs focusing on music.
    The college's main tasks are education and research in music and collaboration with the surrounding community. In order to support these areas, we need effective and quality in promoting administrative functions. The KMH vision is expressed through 15 strategic goals that reflect this. These strategic, long-term goals are then put into context and further developed in regulatory documents concerning various activity areas. The strategic goals also result in concrete, annual measurable objectives in KMH operational plan.
    Would you like to be part of shaping the future of Swedish music? Supporting KMH - as an individual, company, or organization - is to support music education and music research at a world-class level. KMH has an essential function in Swedish society. Here at KMH, we educate musicians and music teachers who work at all levels in Swedish music and worldwide. Our alumni, former students, can be found on the significant international scenes and classrooms to allow children and adolescents to practice music. KMH is a significant part of the so-called Swedish music miracle.
    The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, KMH, is one of the world's best places to study if you want to be a musician or music teacher. You can immerse yourself in different genres and instruments and take part in education programs or freestanding courses. Our programs and teachers are of high international standard. As a student at KMH, you will have access to fantastic facilities on our two campuses, Edsberg and Valhallavägen. Here we tell you about the student union, exchange studies, and studying with disabilities.
    Music is a significant field of knowledge and research relevant to several social areas such as health, technology, economics, learning, and cultural heritage. KMH aims to work within the subject area of music in order to be able to contribute with our specific skills to other fields of knowledge where music participates in social development and for a good life. To create, perform, and learn music, you need to understand how it works. You need to understand the traditions and specificities of different musical forms, languages, and functions, not least how they are technically constructed. KMH's many toolboxes for exploring and understanding music are continually evolving: music theory and music engineering studies to subjects such as music history, music anthropology, and music education. The research extension in education based on music education and music therapy at KMH is powerful and gives depth to musicians and music teachers' next generation.
    KMH acts partly as an individual specialized institution, partly in collaboration with other institutions and organizations, representing the primary subject area of music. As KMH does not yet have the entitlement to award a qualification at the postgraduate level, we are working with the CSC School at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and the Faculty of Arts at Lund University, with whom we cooperate in postgraduate studies. Also, we have national and international externally funded research projects, local research projects, a higher seminar for research in music, and faculty meetings for supervisors. Also, KMH organizes research development activities such as workshops on written assignments for teachers/supervisors and application writing workshops.

    Royal College of Music
    Founding year: 1771
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Ingela Lindh (Chairman)
    Number of staff: 0
    Type: Universities




    Address: Royal College of Music, Valhallavägen 105, Stockholm , 115 51, Sweden

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