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  • Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Boys High School


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    Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Boys High School

    Founding year: 1979
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Boys
    Leadership: Arye Sufrin (Head)
    Number of staff: 0

    Founded in 1979 to serve the Greater Los Angeles Jewish community, Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles (YULA) is a Modern Orthodox high school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). YULA strives to provide the religious context for a student-centered, integrated, college preparatory education in both Torah and General Studies. To this end, YULA is committed to fostering a community of learners. Students, teachers, and parents work in partnership to provide an environment that nurtures spiritual growth, love of learning, personal and communal responsibility, and love for the land and people of Israel. YULA seeks to develop young men of refined midst who are compassionate and tolerant citizens who will serve their communities as Torah-ethical personalities, providing moral and intellectual leadership in the professional, business, and family arenas.
    The Torah and General Studies curricula challenge YULA students to be thinkers and users of knowledge by offering them various courses ranging from college preparatory to honors and Advanced Placement. YULA maintains that all of our students can learn and experience success in our classes. Students with special needs receive counseling through our inclusion program so that they, too, can be integrated into the mainstream of the academic activities at YULA. Supervised chessed programs, student council, and related co-curricular activities provide our students with an opportunity to practice their social and leadership skills and internalize their education while synthesizing both its Torah and secular components.
    YULA's vision is to motivate its students to strive for growth as halachically observant Jews. The curriculum and program seek to develop the student's conviction strength and thus enhance their religious commitment. YULA strives to create a partnership with parents in the students' academic, social, and religious education. Parent-Teacher Conferences, the PTA, the Education Committee, and parent education programs are organized and structured ways for parents, teachers, and administrators to communicate with each other.
    The religious philosophy of YULA is based on the acceptance of Torah from Sinai and a total commitment to the halachic process in determining one's lifestyle. YULA identifies with those who combine a halachic lifestyle with active participation in contemporary society without compromising or laxity in the observance of halacha.
    YULA recognizes that there is much value in contemporary culture, which can enhance the quality of life when integrated into a Torah lifestyle. With this in mind, all entering students receive a laptop to keep them on the edge of technology. YULA employs two full-time I.T. staff members to help facilitate and maintain all technological means at school.
    YULA believes that the Torah and halacha are the only yardsticks for determining the aspects of contemporary culture acceptable to an observant Jew. It is the courage to reject what is unacceptable, which gives the contemporary Jew the right to embrace what is appropriate. It is this assessment process that enables effective integration of the Torah and General Studies.
    At the heart of our school is an exceptional faculty-driven to inspire our students to achieve greatness. And the relationships forged between our faculty and students—relationships that stand at the very core of the YULA experience—do not end at graduation. Part and parcel of the YULA experience are having a Rebbe who will dance at your wedding, teachers who advise on graduate school, and faculty who impart wisdom when choosing a career. The YULA experience means always having a home in the heart of Los Angeles, be it playing basketball with fellow alumni or learning in our Beit Midrash.
    Our school theme for the year is "Inspire", and it is a concept that is felt throughout our hallways. Our students and staff members genuinely care for one another, creating an exceptional environment that exudes warmth. From the moment our Freshmen "cubs" enter our school, the emphasis is on bringing all our "panthers" together as one.
    It is a fascinating time at YULA as we enter our new campus, including a state of the art gymnasium and auditorium, specialty classrooms like our new robotics lab, a lecture hall, and library. These campus enhancements will enable YULA to continue leading the way in Modern Orthodox Jewish education.
    Our school pillars Primacy and Relevancy of Torah, Uncompromising General Studies, and Character development is felt throughout our hallways. Our students and staff members genuinely care for one another, creating an exceptional environment that exudes warmth. From the moment our Freshmen "cubs" enter our school, the emphasis is on bringing all our "panthers" together as one.






    Address: Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Boys High School, 9760 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California, 90035, United States

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