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  • Fort Worth Country Day School


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    Fort Worth Country Day School

    Founding year: 1962
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Eric V. Lombardi (Head)
    Number of staff: 0

    As you do your research, pay particular attention to the School's distinctions. We are one of only 50 Malone Scholars schools in the country (the only school in Texas). We are as proud to host a long-standing chapter of the Breakthrough Collaborative (a phenomenal national organization providing motivated students from public schools an opportunity for enriched academic experiences) as we are to be a founding member of the nation's only synchronous (live, not recorded) online learning program for high schools (through the Malone Schools Online Network and Stanford University).
    We provide the finest of athletics and fine arts opportunities to our students, including a celebrated ballet program that begins in fourth-grade and 23 varsity sports. Our commitment to learning through community service is part of whom we are as a school, with all divisions engaging in service-related programs. We also engage learners outside our community through the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP), which brings high-achieving students to our campus twice a year for special Academic Adventures workshops. All of this happens on a truly stunning 104-acre campus.
    While giving you lots of insights on our School, a website can only go so far. The magic happens when you go from being online to in-person. When you are in the audience to see Seussical or to watch students wrangle steers in our time-honored Kindergarten Rodeo when you talk to an eighth-grader about hiking the South Rim Trail during his Big Bend Trip when you get a front-row view of a hard-fought field hockey game, and, mostly, when you meet FWCD faculty and students in person, then you start to know our School and our community. We are eager to share our story with you in person.
    The mission of Fort Worth Country Day School is to foster the intellectual, physical, emotional, and ethical development of capable students through an academically rigorous college preparatory program that integrates the arts and athletics. The purpose of Fort Worth Country Day is to inspire the passion to learn, the courage to lead, and the commitment to serve.
    Fort Worth Country Day School offers an advanced curriculum, comprehensive in its emphasis on the humanities, sciences, arts, and athletics. The School values diversity in its community and encourages openness of thought and freedom of inquiry. Through its program, the School seeks to develop enthusiastic, thinking, well-rounded, and responsible citizens equipped for college and life success.
    The School sees education as both a personal journey requiring guidance and a systematic process built upon knowledge, experience, and hard work. Collectively, these components promote understanding, imagination, and reason. The purpose, mission, and core values of Fort Worth Country Day unify the school community and guide everyday decisions and institutional policies. The School has high expectations for student achievement, parent support, and teacher performance. Success requires the community to work together with trust and confidence.
    Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child and your family. We are delighted to help you learn more about our School. Families who come to Fort Worth Country Day say there is an indescribable feeling you get once you step on campus and enter your first classroom.
    Maybe it is our diverse and welcoming community. Maybe it is our challenging and well-rounded curriculum that will encourage your child to make the most of their skills and talents as they find their passions inside and outside the classroom.
    FWCD students thrive in our challenging yet supportive environment. We recognize that our students will enter into a broader community where it is vital to understand the world on global terms, to be able to communicate with others within that world, and to understand the cultural lenses through which others view their world.
    Each of the three divisions - Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School - present a program and facility uniquely designed to meet our students' developmental needs. All students share many parts of the School - the libraries, arts facilities, cafeteria, gymnasiums, playing fields, and grounds. Students of all ages greet each other on the shaded walks, in the Art Studio, or the Moncrief Library and Technology Center. Older students are tutors and mentors for younger students. Shared traditions, such as a school uniform, give a sense of belonging.








    Address: Fort Worth Country Day School, 4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth,, Texas, 76109, United States

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