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  • Chaminade College Preparatory School


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    Chaminade College Preparatory School

    Founding year: 1957
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Boys
    Leadership: Mr. Philip Rone (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    Chaminade College Preparatory School, an independent, Catholic Day and Resident school, sponsored by the United States Marianist Province, is dedicated to developing the inherent spiritual, intellectual, and emotional. Young men's physical potential in Sixth through Twelfth Grade, so they are prepared for success in college and life and ultimately become the men the world needs them to be.
    Chaminade College Preparatory School is an independent Catholic School for young men in Grades 6-12. The school bears Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, a priest who lived during the era of the French Revolution and founded the religious order known as the Society of Mary (Marianists).
    The school maintains an active relationship with this Society through governance structures and the employment of lay and religious Marianists committed to a conscious effort to keep alive the most fundamental traits of Marianist spirituality in all aspects of the institution's functioning. These traits include a deep sense of "faith of the heart," a deep sense of "community," and a deep sense of "mission."
    The school's Marianist roots cause it to emphasize growth in faith, the development of the whole person, and the cultivation of Gospel values in a nurturing environment. Much of the school's Catholic and Marianist approach is presented to students through the school's motto, "Esto Vir." This motto, which means, "Be a Man," is a challenge to maximize the potential of all the gifts and talents which God has placed in each individual and to cultivate human values, all of which have their origin in the person and figure of Christ, the "Perfect Man." The motto helps to make it clear that education at Chaminade is much more than an academic undertaking. It is an endeavor that encompasses all aspects of the young man's being.
    In selecting Chaminade for their son's education or allowing their son to select Chaminade, parents are invited to enter into a partnership with the school to help it realize its goal of holistic education. They attempt to involve themselves in the school's life to the extent possible in their circumstances and reinforce in their home life many of the lessons the young men learn at school.
    True to Blessed Chaminade's vision, the faculty possesses a strong commitment to all students' comprehensive education. As educators in the Catholic and Marianist tradition, they set the personal goal of modeling and communicating gospel values as norms of conduct. The faculty commitment to professional development through continuing education and current best educational practices is strongly encouraged. The faculty is assisted in its mission by a wider variety of support staff who share the commitment to foster each student's development. While not as directly involved in education, these staff members likewise attempt to model the values that Chaminade stands for and help create the familial atmosphere that is so much a part of the school.
    Chaminade's academic structure develops students into individuals who think for themselves by providing an integrated middle school and high school program. This curriculum challenges students to take the knowledge given to them each day and recognize the moral and ethical implications of modern life. Throughout their Chaminade education, students receive the tools to become critical thinkers making informed choices.
    A wide range of athletic, cultural, social, and religious activities is an integral part of the total education program. These activities can be vital in allowing the individual student to cultivate his inherent skills and exercise initiative and responsibility.
    Discipline is often a necessary part of human growth and, when required, is administered in such a way as to enhance the personal growth of the students. Chaminade provides a disciplinary system that balances justice with mercy and develops personal responsibility.
    A Chaminade education brings the student into contact with the variety of communities of which he is a part: local, national, and global. He learns that he has a responsible role in each of them and must work for their betterment according to the Gospel values of justice, the sacredness of human life, human dignity, and compassion. A variety of experiential opportunities are offered to help each young man discover the unique contribution to the human endeavor.
    Through its resident program, Chaminade offers to students from around the world the benefit of quality education while, at the same time, enriching the whole school community with the geographic and cultural diversity that these students bring. Through this diversity of the student body and that of the faculty and staff, the young men can experience and value the great variety of gifts and talents among all of God's people. Chaminade strives to provide a holistic, high-caliber education grounded in faith, which prepares its students for college and life success.








    Address: Chaminade College Preparatory School, 425 South Lindbergh Boulevard Saint Louis,, Missouri, 63131, United States

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