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    Our school is on a very exciting journey. We enjoy an extremely important partnership with Moor Green Academy, which is part of REACH 2 Multi-Academy Trust. Nicola Fisher, Executive Headteacher from Moor Green Academy, with the assistance of outstanding staff expertise at Moor Green and from across the Trust, is providing our school with specialist leadership and teaching support.

    The future for Springfield Primary School and our children is incredibly bright. We intend to provide our children with an education that will lay the foundations for successful learning and development throughout their school career and in later life. Within an environment that values people, hard work, resilience, humility, and respect, we intend our students to leave us fully prepared for their next adventure. To achieve this, we expect the very highest of standards in everything we do. It is my expectation therefore, that staff and students are the very best that they can be, every single day.

    We aim to deliver a curriculum that is broad, balanced, and based on developing all pupils’ knowledge, skills, and understanding across a range of subjects. We are an inclusive school and may offer the following provisions to support children with SEND, over and above High-Quality Teaching for all. We are committed to ensuring equality of educational opportunity and support for all pupils, parents, carers, and staff irrespective of sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy, gender reassignment, and socio-economic background.

    Curriculum Objectives:

    • To provide opportunities and activities for children to communicate through speech and writing, and to listen with understanding.
    • To provide stimulating reading material that enables children to read accurately, fluently, and with understanding for their enjoyment.
    • English is applied in all subject areas and enables children to articulate their understanding and learn with enthusiasm and independence.
    • To assist in children’s understanding and knowledge of the mathematical language and the processes that they apply in a variety of tasks.
    • To provide opportunities for children to explain the pattern and relationships that form the basis of mathematics.
    • To develop mathematical skills and apply them to practical solutions through problem solving and investigations.
    • Mathematics is applied to other subject areas and enables children to develop enjoyment, interest, and a positive attitude towards mathematical understanding.
    • To encourage the development of scientific understanding through activities and discussion that provide systematic inquiry within a range of experiments and investigations of everyday life. The opportunities we give for question raising in science enable children to use and understand scientific concepts and vocabulary.
    • We give children opportunities to experience their environment and the wider world both past and present through humanities (Geography, History, RE).
    • We encourage flexibility and creative thinking in overcoming difficulties and developing new approaches through investigation.
    • Children` should approach tasks and activities with enjoyment, independence, and interest in practical solutions to learning situations, with the independence of thought and action as well as co-operating within a group.

    Literacy, Numeracy, and Information Technology are skills that run through the whole of the curriculum. Also, a considerable part of each week is given to teaching Mathematics and English as individual subjects and aspects of these are planned in a continuous sequence of lessons or activities. All other subjects are organized within the Cornerstones Curriculum, which is linked to specific topic areas, one topic per half term. Personal and Social Education is taught in specific sessions and through R.E.

    At Springfield Primary School we aim to be an ambitious, successful, innovative, and dynamic school where positive change and advancement are welcomed, valued, and sought after. We are a school that is built upon sound educational values, with an ethos that allows and expects every single member of the school community to thrive and achieve excellence, whilst enjoying their learning and personal development.

    The education that we provide our children will cater to their academic, moral, physical, and spiritual development, which in our opinion are instrumental in supporting and nurturing a child’s whole education. With these aspects forever at the heart of their curriculum and experiences, our young people will gain the knowledge, skills, resilience, aspirations, and moral purpose to make a significant and valued contribution to our immediate and wider global society.

    It is our job to help the young people in our charge overcome any barriers they may encounter so that they are inspired to continue on a lifelong journey of learning, seeking out, and embracing new experiences and challenges. Our pupils will leave us fully prepared for the future challenges they will face, having successfully learned to work with and care for each other, whilst constantly striving to be the very best that they can be in everything they do.’

    Springfield Primary School
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Head Teacher: R. Grover
    Address: Springfield Rd, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 9NY, United Kingdom

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