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    March Academy

    Founding year: FindME
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mrs. Kerry Armitage (Principal)</li><li><i class="fa fa-venus"></i><b>Gender: </b>Mixed (Co-education)</li><li><i class="fa fa-group"></i><b>Grades or Year Groups: </b>Grade 1 to Grade 8</li><li><i class="fa fa-map-pin"></i><b>Postal Code: </b>K2K 1X7
    Number of staff: 0

    An underlying tenet at March Academy is that education should provide children with a compass to guide children and to support their ability to find their way, rather than a single road map that everyone must follow. March Academy works to empower elementary-aged students by understanding how to find their way in a group learning environment. It challenges them and helps them grow, primarily by teaching students how to learn while at the same time helping them to respect and work with their peers.
    March Academy celebrates individual differences, recognizes strengths, and teaches students to use their strengths to be effective learners. Through high, reasonable expectations, by incorporating individual learning styles, by emphasizing the positive, and teaching co-operation, we give each student a chance to shine and express their true potential.
    For 17 years, March Academy has been serving children in Ottawa and its surrounding areas. Teachers trained and experienced in differentiated learning guide and support learners, including those diagnosed as gifted or with learning disabilities such as language based learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, non-verbal disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and Aspergers Syndrome. Please contact us to discuss how March Academy can best meet the needs of your learner.
    The curriculum presented at March Academy has rooted in the Ontario Ministry of Education expectations as the underlying framework for activities. The Academy uses students' strengths and interests to help build and support the development or enrichment of academic mathematics and language arts skills.
    Science and social studies are taught as an integrated curriculum across the grade levels. The topics are theme-based and involve large and small groups as well as individual activities. Themes are based on the Ontario Ministry of Education topics and are adapted for student grade and ability level each year. Field trips and guest speakers augment the integrated studies curricula and are dependent upon the themes presented from year to year.
    Students participate in physical education sessions taught by a certified Ontario teacher. Lessons focus on fun and fitness and are designed to encourage students' sense of self-esteem in their abilities. Students also participate in a Running Club, which is held three days per week during the spring and fall months and culminates in a fun run to support local charities. Sensory Integration and brain exercises are incorporated into daily lessons. All children have the opportunity to participate in our Cross-country Ski Club throughout the winter months using our large schoolyard.
    Students participate in weekly martial arts lessons, TaeKwonDo, from a qualified instructor and are provided with belt testing opportunities when they are ready. The focus of instruction is on improving their self-confidence, agility, and concentration.
    Students benefit from weekly yoga sessions with a certified yoga instructor. Yoga lessons introduce students to the concept of relaxation, flexibility, and increased body awareness.
    The learning experience must encompass the whole child. Music, art, and drama are seen as an integral part of the March Academy program. All students receive weekly, individual piano lessons and participate in the March Academy school choir. Piano lessons culminate in an end-of-year piano recital. The school choir has opportunities to perform on various occasions throughout the school year at school-related events and in the Ottawa community. In the past, opportunities to visit the National Art Gallery and the NAC and local guest artists' visits have supplemented the arts curriculum.
    The hidden curriculum in schools, such as developing self-advocacy and other classroom skills, are parallel key objectives to encourage students towards independence in learning in all subject areas. Working with others, showing manners and respect, and communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings are essential life skills and, as such, are integral components of daily lessons.
    Technology is used to augment and support in all subject areas. Learning to use technology as a tool to access information and express the learning that has been attained is woven throughout the curriculum and through the school day. In September 2020, we will be extending the March Academy program to include grade 7 to be followed in September 2021 with a grade 8 program.

    Address: March Academy, 325 Sandhill Road Kanata, Ontario, K2K 1X7, Canada

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