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  • Hillfield Strathallan College


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    Hillfield Strathallan College

    Founding year: 1962
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Head: Marc Ayotte
    Number of staff: 0

    Welcome to Hillfield Strathallan College, a community where children and their learning are at the forefront. Each child is known, challenged to do their best, and supported in that pursuit. We believe the best education for any child is achieved through a partnership between the school and the family, with the shared goal of helping students achieve their full potential.
    HSC consists of four small schools united by a joint commitment to a shared Mission and Ideals. We are committed to ensuring a balance between the development of student independence and guidance from a caring faculty, sensitive to the student's age and stage. We aim to develop students who ask great questions, are resilient problem-solvers, and are connected to the broader world. All students learn differently, and we make every effort to address individual learning needs and styles.
    Real learning occurs when the curriculum is meaningful and relevant, and we believe learning is not restricted to the classroom. Students who are most successful in university and beyond are those who are engaged fully in a rich program of co-curricular offerings, in addition to a reliable academic program. HSC students discover and follow their passions, whether they lie in academics, athletics, fine arts, outdoor education, or community service. Through shared experiences, the close-knit HSC community helps students bond with their classmates and teachers for life.
    Our core mission is to develop joyful and engaged students who live life with purpose. The best learning happens when students are happy to come to school, have opportunities to follow their passions, and participate in profound learning experiences that challenge them. Joyful, engaged students develop strong relationships with their peers and with the caring adults who spark and support their learning both inside the classroom and beyond. Their journey at HSC prepares students to live with the purpose to understand their world, inspire, lead, act, and make a difference in their unique ways.
    A unique element of our strategic plan renewal is all HSC students' engagement to define the values that should guide our College community. We believe that living these ideals positions community members to be well-rounded leaders with a sense of purpose. The chart below outlines the HSC Ideals developed by our students.
    In 1962, the two schools moved to their current location—a 50-acre campus on Fennell Avenue West on Hamilton Mountain. In 1999, an addition to the campus created the current Montessori School, the Virtue-Fitzgerald Theatre, and new music facilities.
    Most recently, in 2014, the College completed construction of the 134,000 sq. ft. Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Excellence. This edition includes the new Michael G. DeGroote Senior School (which opened in 2012) and an Athletic Complex with three large gymnasia, a multi-purpose athletics studio, change rooms, conditioning room, and significant bleacher seating. It also features state-of-the-art music and art rooms, a heated and covered alumni walkway, and an alumni lounge.
    Our Montessori program is personalized to meet each student's needs and cultivate the Montessori values of self-respect, self-discipline, moral development, respect for others, empathy, and peacefulness. Through experience with Montessori materials, students make purposeful learning choices that lead to independence and self-motivation.
    We are CCMA Accredited, upholding the highest standards of authentic Montessori education. We offer a program that serves 18 months to 9 years old. Our uniquely trained Montessori faculty members implement strategies that guide the students in their lifelong educational journey.
    The Junior School welcomes students to open-concept classrooms, interactive learning, and the feel of a small country school, with the resources of a much larger college. At HSC, the Junior School embodies balance in everyday life. Both teachers and students direct activities, routines are co-created, and each student's passions guide the curriculum. We value our students' needs and adapt our programming to meet those needs.
    The Junior School incorporates strategies that have been researched and developed by some of the world's top educational leaders. It boasts a highly motivated and educated team of teachers and professional resources. Developing our students into global citizens begins in the Junior School classroom. Through programming, school activities, and the whole College's support, students gain a definite sense of community. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged through classroom volunteering and participation in the many activities the Junior School offers.
    HSC Middle School students in Grades 5 through 8 discover who they are and what they love in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Committed teachers provide support and guidance to forge meaningful connections with each student navigating the transition from childhood into young adulthood.
    We understand that each student learns differently. To support their diverse learning styles, we deliver a program that inspires a lifelong passion for learning. Our Middle School curriculum exceeds Ministry of Education benchmarks and allows for the flexibility needed to design individualized programs.
    Participation in our dynamic co-curricular activities engages students in the College's daily life, develops time management skills, and offers opportunities to explore interests. We believe that involvement in these activities builds well-rounded students and requires students to participate twice a week.
    When young adults open their minds to the global community's diverse and evolving possibilities and take ownership of the educational pathways leading them into their futures, from day one, we nurture and support students as they make important life decisions and chart their futures. The challenges and triumphs students encounter in our Senior School help ensure they are well-equipped to explore and embrace the broader academic, social, and co-curricular decisions they make for their lives.
    Our Senior School's academic program offers a wide range of learning opportunities in a multitude of disciplines. With a selection of over 110 courses, we provide opportunities for students to design an academic program tailored to their interests and geared towards making choices that open the right doors for their future.






    Address: Hillfield Strathallan College, 299 Fennell Avenue West | Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 1G3, Canada

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