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  • Century High School


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    Century High School

    Founding year: 1997
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: UNKNOWN
    Number of staff: 0

    Since its initial inception in 1997 and now with the transformation under a new board of directors, CHS has always maintained a very personal, caring atmosphere and offered a dynamic secondary school program to students from all around the world. Century High School (CHS) is certified by the Ministry of Education, Government of British Columbia. It has posted a bond as financial protection for students following the guidelines of the ministry. All courses from Grade 8 to Grade 12 are approved and prescribed by the BC Ministry of Education.
    Upon fulfillment of the graduation requirements, students are awarded the government authorized Graduation Diploma and can apply to colleges and universities throughout North America. Most students attending CHS aspire to pursue post-secondary education after graduation. Therefore, CHS offers an academic advising corner at which the admission brochures and calendars of most public and private post-secondary institutions in Canada can be found. Students are welcome to discuss post-secondary options with counselors and advisors.
    That education should provide every student with the fullest possible opportunity to realize his/her potential. That in today's rapidly changing and global society, education should enable students to develop both the skills required for lifelong learning and the understandings required for the strengthening of international communication. therefore, is dedicated to… The removal of barriers that traditionally restrict access and success in learning settings for students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By way of Offering a dynamic, learner-centered Grade 10-12 program, delivered by teachers who are committed to maintaining academic quality while appreciating a truly international school population and promoting inter-cultural understanding. Supported by Devoted administrative staff and caring counselors.
    Students are often under many pressures placed on them by their parents, teachers, friends, host families, and tasks and challenges they are required to face. The life of a student is one of growth, discovery, and challenge. However, it is also a life that is occasionally weighed upon by indecision, stress, confusion, and the pressures of sometimes contradictory and competing issues and expectations.
    The teachers, counselors, and administration of CHS completely understand this. It is one of the school's principal mandates to help all students with the issues and challenges that they face during their years with us. All course outlines should indicate the percentage allocated to "Attendance and Participation." Also, teachers inform students about their expectations on attendance at the beginning of a semester.
    Teachers mark attendance for every class for the school records as well as their records. If a student is continually absent (and achieving low grades), A teacher will notify the counselor responsible for the student. The counselor will then see the individual student discuss ways that the student can improve his/her performance. This communication will be recorded in the log sheet in the student file.
    Should the absences/low grades continue, the teacher will notify the Principal. The Principal will see the student and alert him/her of the risk of failing the course due to a low attendance rate. Should the absences/low grades continue, the teacher should then warn the student (again) that he/she is on the very verge of failing a course. The decision to fail will ultimately rest with the teacher of that particular course.
    All students are expected to do homework every day. Teachers are requested to assign some specific homework in each subject every day. Students should record their homework assignments in each subject every day. Homework assignments should be checked by teachers every day. Students at Century High School enroll both into high school studies and into a community of students who study and participate in the Canadian experience. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in all curricular activities, including recreational activities and educational field trips. For field trips, students are given assignments specific to the trips, and they are expected to hand in after joining the event.
    The mission of CHS is to provide a caring, secure, and motivational environment for international students determined to pursue secondary studies in Canada. CHS strives to enhance adequate support for the emotional, academic, and social lives of its students. CHS also has a small population of students who were born or grew up in Canada. Their backgrounds differ significantly from most international students, and these students act as supportive ambassadors and hosts to Canadian youth culture and experiences.
    Homestay arrangements, airport pickup service, and settlement services are offered to students by a professional student service company affiliated with CHS. CHS carefully monitors this company's service and assures that students from overseas receive the structure and support they require in their home lives.
    For most of the international student body attending CHS, Canada and Vancouver presents exotic, challenging, and fascinating social and cultural experiences. Every part of the school is geared to help students make the most of their foreign educational sojourns. As an independent school operating under the jurisdiction of the Independent Schools Office of the Ministry of Education, British Columbia, CHS is approved to offer prescribed courses in the high school completion program. Upon fulfillment of the graduation requirements, students are awarded the Dogwood Diploma and can apply to universities throughout North America.
    In the senior grades 10, 11, and 12, students must take courses from the core subject areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Science, and Applied Skills. The course selections should be geared toward students' post-secondary goals. Advisors and counselors at CHS help students make the most appropriate choices in determining their best pathway to graduation.
    Those students who arrive in Canada with insufficient English to start regular academic classes are placed in courses to help them assimilate into the English-speaking classroom setting. These courses may include Board-Authorized Language Arts Development courses and lower grade courses in science, mathematics, social studies, and art. This will help to prepare them for the specific usage of terms and content of academic courses.

    Address: Century High School, #200 - 1788 West Broadway Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 1Y1, Canada

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