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  • The Friends School


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    The Friends School

    Founding year: 1887
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Nelson File (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    The Friends' School is independent. The School thrives on an intrinsic spirit of warmth and friendliness. Its healthy community atmosphere reflects the founding Quakers' intentions, whose original vision for the School in 1887 was an education for spiritual and intellectual growth.
    Friends' is proud of its academic results, varied curriculum, and co-curricular opportunities, but it is prouder of its students. Students' individual needs are the priority at Friends,' and we believe this focus is one of the main reasons that Friends' students consistently achieve excellent academic results. Each students' interests are nurtured at Friends', where the Quaker values it was founded on still apply today, particularly the recognition of 'that of God' in everyone, the desirability of simplicity, and the intention to establish peace and justice. The Friends' School commits to service, equity of relationships, and fostering independent and creative thinking.
    As with any school, the day-to-day activities at Friends' reveal the essence of our educational philosophy. We believe the culture at Friends' is unique in Australia because it is a Quaker school. We actively seek to incorporate Quaker ideals daily. Families from all religious and spiritual traditions (or none) are attracted to Quaker schools worldwide because of these shared values.
    The School's Purpose and Concerns statement serves as our mission and informs every decision at The Friends' School. The first part of this statement provides the framework – we believe in "the intrinsic worth of each person, the recognition of 'that of God within everyone,' the desirability of simplicity, and the need to establish peace and justice.
    The statement also guides our students' outcomes. It reminds us that we want to "help our students develop into people who will think, act with integrity, make decisions for themselverong in service, and hold a global perspective." In short, we work to develop our graduates into active, optimistic, and contributing members of society. There are two core principles of Quakerism that have a defining influence on all Quaker schools' educational philosophy. The first is that 'there is that of God in everyone,' clearly stated in the School's Purpose and Concerns.
    At Friends', this translates to a belief in each person's inherent dignity, which is nurtured. Additionally, all community members share an obligation to answer what is best in themselves and others, developing talents to the fullest and respecting everyone's strengths, efforts, and perspectives. At a practical level, we strive for each of us to contribute our best daily.
    The second core principle is that we are seeking knowledge and understanding together with the students. All Quakers share continuing revelation as a belief that furthers our understanding of spiritual Truth and the world around us. Quakers seek the Truth through the practice of silent communal worship. As you explore the School's web site, you will find that students have wide-ranging opportunities to explore and develop individual passions. You will also find that many of our students have been recognized for outstanding academics, the arts, and sports.





    Address: The Friends School, 23 Commercial Road North Hobart, Tasmania, 7002, Australia

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