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  • Stuartholme School


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    Stuartholme School

    Founding year: 1920
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Girls
    Leadership: Ms. Kristen Sharpe (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    Stuartholme School is an independent Catholic day and boarding secondary school for girls in Years 7 to 12. As specialists in educating girls, a Stuartholme education provides an educational experience with girls' opportunities to be the best they can be in all areas of their school life and beyond.
    Stuartholme's mantra is "to be the best she can be," and it is something the staff and students live by. Its meaning is derived from how each student is treated, not as a number, but as a person.
    Stuartholme is in a unique position of being a small school. Every girl is known personally, but with ample school opportunities, where students are challenged, enriched, and encouraged, so no girl will ever 'be lost in the crowd.' As an international Sacred Heart School, Stuartholme has a reputation as a caring, supportive learning environment, fostering a sense of community and belonging for each girl. Along with more than 200 Sacred Heart schools in over 40 countries, the educational framework is guided by the Goals of Sacred Heart Education. These Goals articulate the forward-thinking and dynamic educational philosophy of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat.
    Stuartholme is home to over 145 Boarders and provides each girl with a quiet, safe environment where she can live and learn. Our Boarders bring richness and diversity to the School, contributing a 'specialness' and 'family' dynamic to our vibrant community.
    Students are engaged through dynamic teaching strategies and vibrant learning environments. Stuartholme is committed to inclusive education and best practice teaching and learning principles with opportunities for students to strive for personal excellence. Enrichment and extension are available through curriculum differentiation, subject offerings, competitions, and special programs. Success means something different to everyone, so our customized educational experience for each student is so important. The way we teach and how students learn aims to provide the best educational outcome for every girl.
    A 'Stuartholme girl' is empowered to transform her world. Our Social Justice Program increases our students' awareness of social justice issues and provides them with opportunities to take action. The School prepares and inspires students to be active, informed, and responsible global citizens.
    Stuartholme School has a strong commitment to the five Sacred Heart Educational Goals. Every year, the school community reflects and focuses on one goal. We hope each year this encourages the students, staff, parents, alumnae, and friends associated with the School to develop a deeper understanding of the Sacred Heart Goals and work towards living them in their everyday lives.
    The five Goals of Sacred Heart Education are:
    It is essential to acknowledge the spiritual dimensions of oneself and others. We aim to build a solid foundation holding to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Stuartholme applies these teachings into our everyday school-life, and each girl is invited to discern their integrity. The School fosters a sense of community where faith is expressed and supported. Regular opportunities are provided for participation in the Eucharist, prayers, liturgies, retreats, and assemblies.
    Students may also participate in the Sacramental Program, which prepares them for Confirmation and First Communion. One of the essential values of Madeleine Sophie Barat is the importance of lifelong education. Intellectual values encompass more than academic learning. It also includes emotional and spiritual intelligence and kinesthetic, spiritual and visual learning, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, all of which are foundational to all high-order thinking.
    Stuartholme School encourages each student to understand that learning involves many experiences and hard work within and beyond the classroom. Our School hosts an extensive and well-rounded curriculum program which each girl is focused upon and is encouraged to achieve her full potential personally.
    Our sense of community is much treasured by our students, staff, parents, and alumnae. We are an inclusive community where everyone's dignity is honored. Our genuine and authentic relationships affirm individuality and self-belief yet enhance our understanding of interdependence and a highly relational education style. The Gospel teaching "Love one another" is fulfilled in our Sacred Heart expression "come as you are, and you are cared for with great love."
    Our sense of belonging, kindness, and mutuality is palpable and readily expressed in the many ways we build community. Our ambitious social justice programs are where our faith meets our intellect. Teachers and students educate one another to be critical thinkers of unjust social norms and practices. Our students are challenged to develop their compassion competencies, with an innate understanding justice begins in their every day relationships and interaction. Compassion requires empathy, critical awareness, and then informed action.
    We want our Stuartholme girls to step out into the broader community as capable, confident, and compassionate leaders who can transform their world – to make a difference.
    This goal is unique to the Sacred Heart ethos. The oxymoron of "wise freedom" inspires our girls to be self-reflective, well-educated, and free to choose who they want to be. We do not have a mold or a stereotype; we respect and empower each member of our community's individuality. Our School recognizes the importance of teaching the girls the importance of self-belief. At Stuartholme, we aim to encourage each girl to identify, develop, and understand her distinctive strengths and integrity.





    Address: Stuartholme School, 365 Birdwood Terrace, Toowong, Queensland, 4066, Australia

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