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We exist for a straightforward reason – to advance banking and finance by providing outstanding education and thinking, tailored to the needs of business, individuals, and society.
Our focus is on lifelong learning equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to achieve what they want throughout their careers and lives.
We provide a balance of experience, insight, and thought leadership into today's financial world, delivered by industry leaders, thinkers, and community members.
Moreover, because we have been at the heart of the sector since 1879, we create connections and build partnerships between people and business that make banking and finance more accessible and understood, and enhance social inclusion through better financial capability.
Founded in 1879 as the Institute of Bankers, we have evolved in line with the financial services and banking industries. We gained our Royal Charter in 1987 and, in 1996, developed the first professional award linked to a university degree. In 1997 our name was changed to the Institute of Financial Services (ifs), reflecting a broadening of our services. In 2013, we were granted the University College title and became ifs University College.
Since gaining Taught Degree - Awarding Powers (TDAP) in 2010, we have successfully established full-time degree programs at our City of London campus and enhanced our professional qualifications and financial capability awards.
In 2015, we undertook a comprehensive strategic review, consulting with our students, members, and the industry to develop a new vision and strategy. As part of this new vision, and based on our stakeholders' input, we launched a new brand and identity in September 2016.

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