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APM was established over 25 years ago by a group of industry professionals, known as Australian Progressive Marketing, who had the vision to transform Australian school leavers into work-ready professionals by offering them the work skills they needed to advance or change their marketing careers. Over the years, APM has been launching the careers of thousands of business graduates who ardently take on the world of business, redefine it in their terms, and become the new influencers of the industry.

APM College of Business and Communication is partnering with Torrens University Australia, which means all students will graduate with a university qualification. Torrens University Australia is part of Laureate International Universities, which means, as a student, you are now automatically connected with over 70 institutions world-wide, including business schools from around the globe.

APM offers Bachelor's Degrees and Diplomas in Business, Project Management, Leadership, Marketing, Events, and Public Relations. Taught by industry practitioners and combined with practical experience, we give our students the best possible footing into the business world. The high-quality learning on offer, coupled with the hands-on advice and experience that our students are exposed to, puts us ahead of the game! We have strong and continuous links to the workforce and partnerships with well-known industry bodies.

We offer accelerated, realistic pathways to full-time work or further study: Each subject you study has been designed with career outcomes in mind, providing you with a breadth of industry knowledge and ensuring a smooth transition into the professional world. Intimate class sizes and dedicated student support makes studying at APM is more personal. With face-to-face and online learning available, APM is a flexible and friendly place to study.

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