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American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is the institution of higher education accredited in the United States of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of our classes in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies are offered in the English language.
Curricula and rules of study are consistent with the American and Bologna systems of education. Following the mission of the University, AUBiH provides quality university education for its students throughout the region that follows the world trends in specialized areas of economics, information technology, engineering, law, international relations and diplomacy, security, and defense, industrial technologies, and art. Research institutes and centers of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina provide students the opportunity to acquire experience and skills in research projects conducted in cooperation with experienced scientists and professors.
The vision of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is to become the regional leader in American education. We wish to see our students becoming leading experts in the fields of technology, economics, government, and the arts and humanities. This would ultimately encourage the country's economic and social development and region, as well as the global community.
AUBiH's mission is to prepare its graduates for rewarding and meaningful employment in their chosen fields of study in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.
Create a correspondence between the undergraduate and postgraduate studies and the business trends present on the market in the local community, country, and region.
Achieve excellence in the teaching process's performance, which inevitably leads to an active learning process, with an emphasis on experiential learning and expression of creativity. Enable effective communication and partnership with the local, regional, and global academic community, business, industry sectors, and governmental and non-governmental institutions.
Conduct and develop exceptional research projects in order to bridge existing gaps and add value to future development.
Develop a Technology Business Incubator and assist new companies in developing new value for the marketplace.
The U.S. education system is a career-oriented education system composed of liberal arts and general education requirement courses. AUBiH provides a learning process based on practical experiences, creative thinking, analytical decision-making in both the classroom and the laboratory. Students utilize hands-on case studies, practical work (Co-ops) with an assigned mentor and team building that altogether prepare them for professional employment in the global marketplace.
All AUBiH students are required to participate in both academic and professional education, enabling them to acquire relevant academic knowledge and business skills during their studies. This will provide greater competitiveness in both the local and international marketplace. The cooperative education program at AUBiH enables its students to enrich their academic studies with practical and professional experience in their professions. Graduates who participated in these programs have gained a profound feeling for their professional goals and are better prepared for the transition from the university to the workplace.
The education offered at AUBiH enables students to earn a diploma that is accredited and recognized in the United States of America, European Union, BiH, and Turkey, which opens up numerous academic and career perspectives in different parts of the world.
Renowned professors from the United States, BiH, and other countries are teaching at AUBiH, and it allows students to study and learn from leading educators in relevant scientific and academic areas in a multi-cultural environment. Our professors have diplomas from respected American, European, and other international universities, and they utilize teaching methods that nurture intellectual processes and students' initiatives. We are proud to say that AUBiH students enjoy the expected ratio of 1:10 teacher-student (one teacher to every ten students) and a dynamic, intelligent, and motivating environment. Its environment proves that the atmosphere of diversity and tolerance creates and enhances critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
All of our classes and student services are offered in the English language, the leading language of international business and academia. Attending an English-speaking university appropriately prepares students for continuing education or a professional career in English-speaking countries, and better communication within both, the global business and academic community. With an acquired English level gained through studying in English for four years, a student will be ahead of his/her competitors when applying for jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina or anywhere else in the world.
AUBiH is a career-oriented university that offers students an exceptional education and acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for personal and professional success. The study programs are designed to prepare graduates for moving up in their workplace, eventually achieving leadership positions in business and government institutions, as well as non-profit sectors and academic institutions.
Within the teaching program, AUBiH students use learning methods based on case studies from professional practice, enabling them to develop the analytical skills necessary for solving complex real-world problems.
Through the Career Development Center (CDC), AUBiH creates highly educated individuals with academic knowledge, professional skills, and proficiency in the English language, which attracts leading local and international corporative, government, and non-profit institutions to offer professional internships for AUBiH students and graduates. Career management and the Career Development Center (CDC) support students in identifying business opportunities based on individual strengths, interests, and academic talents. The Career Development Center (CDC) offers a variety of services for AUBiH students and graduates, including structure method and advice in drafting a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and letter of motivation, individual counseling as a support for students in identifying their professional interests and aspirations, interview simulations and etiquette training, campus recruiting by local and international companies and organizations and support in preparing graduate applications.
AUBiH seeks to promote the spirit and values of American culture, which is based on equality and diversity, as well as a relationship-based society that values individuality, democracy, freedom, equal opportunities, and the right to pursue happiness. Equality is a value protected by law and is an integral part of American culture and lifestyle. The belief that all people are created equal regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and other differences is an American right that AUBiH values and respects. "The American Dream" is a phrase that describes the ability of average citizens to succeed and prosper through hard work and dedication regardless of their background or extenuating financial and social circumstances. The faculty and staff of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina wish to see the American dream come true for every AUBiH student!
AUBiH strategically and continuously invests in research development through diverse research institutes and centers. Exceptional students have the opportunity to conduct research projects and improve skills and competencies learning from experienced scientists. Students are encouraged to present their own scientific or innovative ideas, which, together with an AUBiH research team, will be developed further.

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