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Welcome to the Appalachian College of Pharmacy website. We invite you to take a few minutes to learn more about the Appalachian College of Pharmacy and our commitment to academic excellence, our college family, our community, and the profession of pharmacy.
The College offers one of the few accelerated three-year Doctor of Pharmacy programs located in the heart of the central Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian College of Pharmacy was created to serve regional needs and provide a beacon for progressive pharmacy practice and education to shine nationally for its academic excellence and innovations in rural health care. Through education, service, outreach, research endeavors, and an abiding determination, the College faculty and students have begun to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from prevalent health disparities such as drug and tobacco addiction, asthma, obesity, and diabetes.
The academic program instills the knowledge and skills that student pharmacists need to excel as healthcare professionals and to overcome barriers that hinder health care in rural communities. Through the experiential education program, students gain exposure to various practice models, settings, and in-depth experiences to enhance and expand their knowledge, practice skills, judgment, and sense of responsibility necessary to support independent and collaborative practice.
The College was founded in August 2003 as the University of Appalachia by Frank Kilgore, assistant county attorney for Buchanan County, Virginia. The Buchanan County Board of Supervisors and Buchanan County Industrial Development Authority requested that Mr. Kilgore establish a higher education institution as an economic, educational, and healthcare development project. The College is strategically positioned in Buchanan County, Virginia, which shares borders with Kentucky and West Virginia in the center of the Appalachian coalfields. The Appalachian region faces significant economic and educational barriers, as well as healthcare challenges. A previous report to the Virginia Legislature documented that residents of Southwest Virginia have difficulty obtaining and paying for healthcare, including dental and pharmaceutical care. By bringing higher education and advances in healthcare to the region, the College is well-positioned to be a catalyst for positive changes in economic development, education, and healthcare.
The Appalachian College of Pharmacy (the College), through quality and innovative education, service, and scholarship, will improve the general health and well-being of the residents of rural or underserved populations, particularly vulnerable populations within Central Appalachia. The College will educate pharmacists to embrace knowledge and technology to optimize pharmacist-delivered patient care and health outcomes in an interdisciplinary healthcare environment. The College will collaborate with stakeholders to develop centers of excellence to address identified needs in rural health.
The Appalachian College of Pharmacy, a college of higher education conferring the doctor of pharmacy degree, provides academic, scientific, and professional pharmacy education to address the health-related needs of rural and underserved communities, particularly those in Appalachia, through education, service, and scholarship. The College's philosophy is to cultivate a learning community committed to education, community outreach, and the professional development of pharmacists.
We understand that financing a college education is one of the most significant life investments you can make. You may need financial assistance. As a graduate student enrolled at Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP), you may be eligible for unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS loans from the federal government. The federal government establishes the interest rate annually in July for these types of loans. Students who meet the eligibility requirements may also be eligible for private loans. A private loan is based on your creditworthiness or that of your co-signer. The interest rates for private loans can vary depending upon your credit history. The Financial Aid Office's (FAO) mission is to help you attain your dream of becoming a pharmacist.
ACP awards a limited number of scholarships to qualified students based on merit and financial need. Some local assistance programs are available that are residency specific. Applicants must meet established criteria, and partial tuition waivers are dependent upon the number of funds available. Second and third-year pharmacy students doing well in their academic performance may apply for pharmacy sponsorship loans from pharmacies and the pharmaceutical profession.
The goal of the Student Affairs Office is to provide support programs, services, and activities for our students, especially those that assist student needs and the mission of the College. We are here to help you focus on your education to further your future career.
ACP provides academic support and tutoring to students through the Planned Academic Success System (PASS). Tutoring is provided at no additional charge to students. Student tutors are available to meet with students, provide individual tutoring, tutoring in small groups, and review sessions open to the entire class. Members of faculty are also available to provide additional academic support to students through PASS. The experiential curriculum is designed to provide students with the confidence, knowledge, skills, and attitude required to function as competent and professional pharmacy practitioners.

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