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Appalachian Bible College


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Appalachian Bible College equips servants through a biblical curriculum of quality academics and guided Christian Service that nurtures Christ-like character leading to effectiveness in passionately serving the fundamental church community. Appalachian Bible College exists to educate and equip servants for the Church of tomorrow while edifying the Church of today.
Whether you want to get outside and enjoy the stillness of nature or challenge yourself to some rock climbing or whitewater rafting, A.B.C.'s location lets you embrace the magnificent world the Lord created. The campus of Appalachian Bible College features many modern facilities that provide a comfortable learning environment and promote a great college experience. The campus is also home to Alpine Ministries: Adventures, Camps, Retreats, and Outdoor Education that give the Creator glory.
What makes Appalachian Bible College rise to the top among accredited Bible colleges and Christian universities? An unwavering belief that no matter your vocation, as a Christian, you are called to know and apply God's Word. For this reason, each Bachelor of Arts recipient graduates with two majors—one in Bible and Theology, the other in the Ministry Major of your choice. A double major ensures that you will understand God's Word and the capability to apply its truths. The Bible / Theology Major stresses the mastery of essential Bible content. He teaches the best in-depth Bible study skills, while the Ministry Major equips you for a life of practical ministry within a particular vocation.
The Master of Arts in Ministry program at Appalachian Bible College is a 36-hour professional curriculum developed for individuals actively involved in ministries, such as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and Christian educators and leaders. This program provides graduate-level training for students whose undergraduate work has a minimum of 30 hours of Bible and Theology. This program is designed to be professional, affordable, flexible, and Biblical. The courses' content emphasizes the practical skills of communication, counseling, and leadership necessary for active ministry. The Graduate School faculty are qualified instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in ministry. You will be encouraged and challenged as you sit under these example servants.
The Master of Arts in Ministry prepares you for practical ministry areas, such as local church ministry, evangelism, church planting, Christian education, and Christian leadership. It equips you with skills in leadership, communication, and counseling. As well, the program gives you assessment tools to relate to your particular ministry context. Each student is unique and capable of success. The H.E.L.P. program at Appalachian Bible College offers you personalized care, enabling you to learn and maximize your potential.H.E.L.P. stands for How to Expand Learning Proficiency. This academic assistance program consists of specialized testing, tutoring, and counseling to provide you with individualized attention and advice. Experience has taught me the importance of being proactive when it comes to academic tutoring and support.
Every college has a student handbook that defines life on campus. In other words, the rule book! At Appalachian Bible College, it is called the "Servant's Staff" because it is a tool—just like a shepherd's staff—to guide you in becoming a more effective servant of God and others. The standards are meant to be a help, not a hindrance. Finding the right balance is accomplished through compassionate guidance and a constructive approach to nurturing character in light of God's Word.
Occasionally, the intense atmosphere of college presents opportunities for counsel as character issues come to the surface. If you violate a standard, the student deans or resident assistants will call your attention to the character issue, as well as the reason and the scriptural basis for developing the applicable character quality. These talks are called "care-confrontations" and are approached with compassion.
It is not the goal to point out every flaw in a student's life. Everyone is in the growing process. Not all standards in the Servant's Staff are based on the Bible. Some are necessary due to the college setting. Nor are the college's standards equated with God's standards. However, it is exciting to see growth in young men and women when they are shown from God's Word why He wants them to change an area in their life. Sometimes the transformation is dramatic and life-altering. The hope is that you will leave A.B.C. as an experienced, trained servant ready to be used by God.
Nothing reveals character like competition. A.B.C.'s athletic philosophy is aimed at developing strong Warriors with humble hearts. Other schools often commend Appalachian Bible College teams for their sportsmanship. Intercollegiate sports are not the only athletic experience offered on campus. Whether it is Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, or another sport, you will love being involved in intramurals. The time spent with friends makes for great memories.
A balance of personal accountability, volunteer involvement, and required activities cultivates a stable and Christlike atmosphere at Appalachian Bible College. Come, grow in your relationship with the Lord alongside your peers and mentors.

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