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Thomas Jefferson School of Law


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At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, we are all about our students. Our commitment to you as a student is to give you the knowledge, skills, tools, and support you need to succeed from the moment you set foot on campus until the moment you walk across the stage to get your diploma – and beyond.
You will be part of a highly diverse, technologically-advanced campus with an intellectually stimulating curriculum and the most innovative academic success program to be found at any law school. Thomas Jefferson is renowned for our highly-accessible, world-class faculty. We also have a fantastic array of hands-on opportunities for our students to gain real-world legal experience. You'll get all of that and the paradise that is San Diego - a unique city that offers an excellent offer professionally, economically, and recreationally.
The law school's mission is to provide an outstanding legal education for a nationally-based, diverse student body in a collegial and supportive environment with attention to newly emerging areas of law, particularly those related to technological development, globalization, and the quest for social justice.
The legal curriculum offers outstanding preparation for the practice of law. It includes four Centers for Academic Excellence: The Center for Global Legal Studies, The Center for Law and Intellectual Property, The Center for Law and Social Justice, and The Center for Sports Law and Policy. All four Centers have achieved prominence in their fields, expanding student opportunities through certificate programs, conferences, and timely speaker programs. Thomas Jefferson Law also offers three LL.M. (Master of Laws) degrees and a joint MBA-JD degree in partnership with San Diego State University.
Thomas Jefferson Law students are part of a highly diverse, technologically-advanced campus with an intellectually stimulating curriculum. The faculty and staff at Thomas Jefferson Law believe justice is a direct result of increasing diverse voices among legal professionals.
The school's admission practices respect cultural and educational backgrounds so that those who choose Thomas Jefferson will join an inclusive environment and be part of a school community committed to broadening the legal profession's outreach to underserved populations.
Thomas Jefferson Law has evolved into an innovative, cutting-edge law school devoted to individual needs and its students and alumni's success. We also have a fantastic array of hands-on opportunities for our students to gain real-world legal experience.
We are committed to giving our students the knowledge, skills, tools, and support necessary to succeed from the first day of classes to graduation and beyond. Each applicant is a unique individual, and each application to Thomas Jefferson School of Law is considered individually. Every application receives full, careful, and personalized consideration. We are looking for students who, through their personal, intellectual, or professional background and experience, will contribute to the rich and diverse tapestry of our law school community.
We know law school is expensive, and we are here to make sure you receive all of the financial aid for which you are eligible. Fortunately, there are a variety of financial options available to qualifying students. TJSL offers Federal Direct Loans to eligible students in the J.D. program. Unlike the complex process of applying for aid at the undergraduate level, your application here can be made in a few easy steps in an hour or less. Our goal is to provide personal financial assistance and counseling to fit your needs so that you can focus on your law school education.
Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers students a variety of stimulating, intellectually rich programs taught in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere that features distinguished and accessible faculty. We understand that paying for school is an essential factor in your decision-making process. At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, we are committed to helping students minimize the costs. Our tuition compares favorably to other California law schools, and our downtown location near mass transportation and inexpensive parking makes it possible to keep living expenses reasonable.
Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers an intellectually rich and stimulating academic program, taught by a distinguished and uniquely accessible faculty in a supportive atmosphere. Our student-centered academic program is engaging and interactive. It offers a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that will prepare our graduates for practice in any field, whether it is the law, government, business, or social service. The J.D. curriculum is designed so that graduates will achieve the knowledge and skills outlined in the J.D. Program Learning Outcomes. Rapid technological change and globalization have transformed many areas of the law and given rise to entirely new issues.
Our faculty is on the cutting edge of these trends and has particular expertise in the areas of law that most reflect our changing world: technological change, globalization, and the transformation of our social order. The result is a new faculty and a vibrant academic program of exceptional strength, with particular depth in Legal Writing, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law, and International Law.
Students at Thomas Jefferson School of Law come from all walks of life, from all over the country and the world. The diversity is what makes us rich in ideas and activities. The school's location in the heart of downtown San Diego supports a network of student activities and job opportunities. There are dozens of student-run organizations at the school offering professional workshops, networking opportunities, social events, and community service projects.
Faculty members are a big part of the student experience at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Many faculty members advise the student clubs and organizations and plan special guest lectures and event programs. San Diego has excellent places for play and study. Students can pick their locale, whether with a study group on the beach, on the lawn at a downtown park, or in the corner of a neighborhood eatery. Wherever it is, Thomas Jefferson School of Law is there for you.

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