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Thomas Edison State University has a national reputation for academic excellence and educational integrity. The University is one of New Jersey's 11 senior public institutions of higher education and one of the first schools in the country designed specifically for adults. The University provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults and offers degree programs and certificates in more than 100 areas of study.
Thomas Edison State University's flexible learning methods range from online courses and prior learning to credit transfer and credit-bearing exams. We offer undergraduate, and graduate programs and professional certificates tailored to adults' needs, whether it is for professional advancement or personal fulfillment. Named for the famous American inventor who acquired knowledge outside of the traditional classroom, Thomas Edison State University provides higher education for adults with higher expectations.
Thomas Edison State University provides distinctive undergraduate and graduate education for self-directed adults through flexible, high-quality collegiate learning and assessment opportunities. Thomas Edison State University was established by the State of New Jersey and chartered by the New Jersey Board of Higher Education in 1972. The University was founded to provide diverse and alternative methods of achieving a collegiate education of the highest quality for mature adults.
Our focus is and always has been to serve adults. As one of New Jersey's senior public institutions of higher learning, we are regionally accredited. Thomas Edison State University is one of the oldest colleges in the country dedicated exclusively to adults. We design programs specifically for you, the adult student, whether it is a bachelor's or a graduate degree or a professional certificate.
Thomas Edison State University offers exceptional value: academic excellence and reasonable tuition and fees. Plus, financial aid and scholarships are available. You are motivated and talented. You want to finish what you started or take your achievement to the next level.
Academic advising is a necessary process that helps students take charge of their academic careers. Our advisors assist students with most aspects of their Thomas Edison State University experience, including reviewing their academic evaluation, selecting courses and programs of study, interpreting College policies, and preparing for graduation. We are dedicated to assisting our students in the academic program planning process and empowering them to make informed academic decisions.
Thomas Edison State University offers several scholarships to assist students in meeting their financial commitments. The University's Scholarship Program does not discriminate based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age, socio-economic status, marital status, or disability. However, some scholarships may have specific eligibility requirements within one or more of these categories.
The awarding of any individual scholarship is based on funds available through the Thomas Edison State University Foundation or the scholarship's individual sponsor(s). Funding for scholarships is provided by the generous financial support from individuals, corporations, and the Thomas Edison State University Foundation.
Thomas Edison State University was created for and serves self-directed adult students by offering the opportunity for qualified persons to earn college degrees and credits. The U.S. Department of Education defines the adult learner, in part, as anyone "engaged in some form of instruction or educational activity to acquire the knowledge, information, and skills necessary to succeed in the workforce, learn basic skills, earn credentials, or otherwise enrich their lives."
Thomas Edison State University is committed to assisting self-directed adult students in achieving their educational goals. Those students best served by this institution are strongly motivated adult learners who have, though not exclusively, acquired or are acquiring college-level learning in non-collegiate settings.
We are pleased that you are applying to the University for an associate or bachelor's degree program. We welcome community and county, college students. We value your experience and applaud your decision to continue your studies. Admission to online graduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State University is competitive. Applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or University and must be ready to participate in an online environment.
Thomas Edison State University puts your goals within reach with more than 100 areas of study and five flexible methods of earning credit. You will find the course work relevant and the experience satisfying. We value the motivation, skills, and direction that adult students bring to their studies. Our programs are designed around the unique needs of adult learners. In addition to taking courses, students can transfer previously earned college credits and earn college-level knowledge outside of the classroom.
Degree completion for adult learners is at the heart of what distinguishes Thomas Edison State University from other regionally accredited colleges and universities in the United States. Our entire academic program is focused on helping our students finish their degrees without sacrificing their personal and professional responsibilities.
Since it was established in 1972, Thomas Edison State University has been dedicated exclusively to the unique needs of adults who want to finish a college degree they started earlier in life or earn a master's degree with the same flexible methods available to the students.

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