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IMT Atlantique, Brest Campus


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IMT schools were established by public authorities to support economic and industrial development in France as early as the 18th century. Our schools promote entrepreneurship and encourage the incubation of technology projects: every year, nearly 100 startups receive support at our schools' business incubators. The schools offer a wide range of tools that help students understand and experience innovation and entrepreneurship.
Students benefit from the extensive partnerships between IMT schools and local and national innovation centers. Beyond entrepreneurship, these programs train engineers and managers with an awareness of value creation and innovation, enabling them to offer the creativity companies are looking for. IMT and its schools are a significant driving force in creating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) in French and English, particularly in telecommunications, digital technology, and engineering sciences. By dovetailing their expertise and know-how in innovative teaching methods, IMT's schools now enjoy a wide range of representative training programs.
As a global key player with an international outlook, IMT attracts students from across borders (33% of students enrolled on its Master's and PhD-level courses are from abroad), while also sending its students to the best foreign universities with which IMT has established exchange agreements and complementary dual-degree courses through its schools' existing bilateral agreements.
Our Vision is to Combine digital technology and energy science to transform society and industry through training, research, and innovation. We are at the intersection of two worlds: the business world and the realm of higher education. Both of these areas are in transition in the context of increasing globalization: the digital revolution has led to a profound transformation in society and industry. The French higher education sector must ensure its presence on the international scene, at a time when energy and environmental issues have taken on primary societal importance.
We are also at the intersection of two stories: the stories of two schools created fifteen years apart. Since their beginnings, they have gone on to fulfill their missions, contributing to the nation's economic development and international influence through training, research, and innovation. We have chosen to join forces in creating a new school, combining digital technology, energy, and environmental sciences, and able to contribute to developments in industry and society by training managers (engineers, MSc, Ph.D.) who are active agents of this transformation.
Deliberate, collective advancement and constant forward-thinking, have always been driving forces behind our dynamism, as our relationship with the Ministry of Industry. On January 1st, 2017, we created the first "Mines-Télécom" school of IMT, which became one of the top ten engineering schools in France – a school endowed with excellent research potential. We are committed to being a multi-site school, reflecting the reality of today's world a school deeply rooted in its local regions and able to contribute to their development a school conscious of its environmental and societal responsibility a school which trains managers capable of understanding and mastering complex, highly interconnected systems of the future, by combining their knowledge of systems and the networks connecting them.
IMT Atlantique is an institute of higher education and research, born through the fusion of École des Mines Nantes and Telecom Bretagne in January 2017. Research and innovation constitute one of the school's primary missions in its fields of excellence: digital technology, energy, and environment. The institute is authorized to deliver the Ph. D. diploma within the Community of Universities and Institutions, University of Bretagne Loire (Comue UBL).

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