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All Saints' Episcopal School


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All Saints' Episcopal School is a leading college preparatory day school in Fort Worth, Texas. Grounded in the Episcopal school tradition, All Saints' offers to program national distinction in the academic, fine art, athletic and spiritual disciplines, which brings to life our philosophy of promoting each student's genius within.
Our expansive 147-acre campus joins the new Early Childhood Center (3-year-olds - Bridge K), Lower School (K-6), Middle School (7-8), Upper School (9-12), and various athletic facilities, all centered around our prominent Chapel. For more than 60 years, All Saints' has served families in Fort Worth and the surrounding region, and we offer transportation services from select areas. If you are interested in learning more about All Saints' Episcopal School, contact us for more information or set up a private tour. If you are considering All Saints' for your child or another relative, we would be pleased to work with you to navigate this critical family decision.
Every child has unique gifts – All Saints' Episcopal School is committed to helping develop those gifts to their fullest potential. Whether the student is a chess champion, a talented artist, a gifted athlete, the next Earhart or Einstein, or just a great kid, All Saints' will give him or her a healthy, well-rounded foundation for success.
Our Mission Statement means students strive for excellence in the classics, the sciences, the arts and athletics, and dedicated teachers challenge and support students as they discover passions, develop gifts, and prepare to make a difference in the world. Our nationally acclaimed religious studies curriculum encourages intellectual curiosity and spiritual reflection for all faiths, making the All Saints' experience unique among private educational institutions in Fort Worth and beyond. Through all these experiences, students develop their genius within both for their benefit and, more importantly, as servant leaders. We invite you to learn more about All Saints'.
Founded in 1951, All Saints' is a community like no other one replete with the people, the programs, and the facilities necessary to firmly position our students for success in all that they do. Our dynamic and inspiring teachers, coaches, and mentors help identify and develop each child's genius within by providing an engaging educational experience set in a challenging and nurturing learning environment. Moreover, with an emphasis on servant leadership, academic rigor, artistic exposure, and athletic competition, our students engage the world and develop a skill set that will allow them to successfully balance all they will encounter in both colleges and life.
Teachers at every level at All Saints' utilize technology as a pivotal part of their instruction. Our goal is to balance the School's traditional exemplary educational standards with up-to-date technology integration that enhances the classroom learning experience. Our philosophy is that "it is not about how many apps we integrate but also about providing our students with the best access and opportunities to contemporary learning resources. As educators, we must prepare our students for their future, not ours".

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