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Admiral Farragut Academy


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Pre-K to 12th grade private, college-prep, boarding and day school located in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a world-renowned boarding and military program that begins in 8th grade. Admiral Farragut Academy is a college-prep, private school which serves students in PreK-12th grade and is located in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, with a waterfront campus. Our Upper School, which starts in 8th grade, is also known worldwide for its Boarding program and Naval Science program’s military structure. Farragut also offers other signature academic programs: Aviation, Scuba, Marine Science, Engineering, Sailing, and more!
You might expect–and you would be right–that as a private institution, we have small classrooms, a committed, caring faculty, and a superior curriculum. You might not expect that the exposure to and friendships with students from other cultures that your child receives here will translate (pun intended!) into an appreciation for being a part of a global community, something more substantial than oneself. You might also be surprised to know how much the leadership experience gained through our Naval-based fundamentals will help your child succeed and rise above others, from the college admissions process to his or her chosen career path.
Admiral Farragut Academy’s core values form the foundation on which our students, faculty, staff, and alumni perform, educate, and conduct themselves. We use these practices every day in everything we do. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our students on their journeys of self-discovery by modeling integrity, self-discipline, perseverance, and wellness while preparing them for 21st-century challenges within a global society.
Admiral Farragut Academy provides a college preparatory environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills, and social development within a diverse community of young men and women. Exhibit honesty, demonstrate caring and compassion for others, celebrate and respect all people, cultures, spirituality, rituals, and the traditions of others, be accountable for one’s actions, be self-confident and a role model, standing up for beliefs, be an independent thinker able to make right decisions, develop the persistence to “press on” in the face of adversity, be dedicated to a goal, group, or something more substantial than oneself, dare to do what is right even if it is unpopular or criticized, maintain a balanced life, both physically and mentally, strive to be physically fit with a goal of life-long fitness, be resilient, able to adapt and respond to changes and challenges.

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