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Founded in 1904, ESIEE Paris schools of higher education and research focused on all aspects of technological innovation and a founder member of the newly-created «Université Paris-Est. ESIEE Paris is a member of the « Conférence des grandes écoles françaises.»
ESIEE Paris opens the door to a variety of professional careers in computer science, electronics, telecommunications, and embedded systems and works at the interface of Management and Technology.
ESIEE Paris totals 110 full-time professors-researchers, over 600 part-time members of staff and around 50 engineers and laboratory technicians, highly-skilled and experienced in many industrial, academic, and international fields.
Many have gained long experiences in large, renowned businesses, research laboratories, or other Paris CCI higher education establishments, such as HEC Business School or ESCP-EAP European School of Management.
Their teaching activities are greatly enhanced by their research work and by their close, longstanding links with international university laboratories and, secondly, by their contribution to numerous corporate research and development projects.
The ESIEE Paris Group's professional and corporate perspective confers an interface role, blending academic pedagogy with actual business reality and its associated stakes and issues.
ESIEE Paris has various leading-edge electronic and micro-electronic resources available for educational and research activities and business support projects (on-site professional training, student/internship projects, and research and development contracts).
ESIEE Paris has committed itself to bring together academic knowledge and the reality of the professional world for more than 20 years. The development directorate is the interface, the bridge, between the companies and the interns, apprentices, and young graduates.
Its primary missions are to support the companies in doing the following: Enhancing their image, Organising events, Exchanging information, Providing customized support, Networking.
The development directorate has three teams in order to support them better: The Career hub, The Company Communication and Marketing Hub, The Company Relations Hub.
International opportunities are an essential part of the education at ESIEE Paris, which has long since developed a "can do" university partnership strategy. It offers numerous opportunities to go abroad and welcome international students throughout the engineering course.
ESIEE Paris, the school of technological innovation of the Paris Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, offers engineering degree courses (recognized by the Commission des titers d'ingénieur - CTI) in different fields.
In addition to proven technical skills, the engineers also acquire a real sense of management.

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