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The goal of the ship since 1989 has been to train men and women for the jobs of the future, in order for them to evolve at an international level and gain strong adaptation capabilities for the world of business. The know-how « Made in esaip » has proved throughout the years, most notably through international openings and the individual follow-up provided to every student and trainee. Founded on Lasallian values of accessibility for all to higher education, the mission of the ship group is to help each of our students and trainees to achieve their goals.
Like most European countries, France subscribed to the Bologna Declaration (1999): the adoption of a European higher education area could begin.
This system is based on three qualifications: Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate. Several ECTS credits are attached to each qualification: the degree (6 semesters) corresponds to 180 credits and the master (4 semesters) to 120 credits.
The Bachelor, Master, Doctorate reform aims at favoring student mobility in Europe. Semesters obtained in France can be validated in any other European Union country in further education.
Gateway to the Loire Valley World Heritage site, Angers combines with a passion, the past and the future. The City of Art and History, the capital of Anjou, also boasts incomparable riches with its rivers and vast natural spaces. More than enough to enjoy leisure activities and combine cultural and discovery tourism.
The program, on the Angers campus, for the ship engineer'sengineer's degree in digital engineering, has been designed to understand all the facets of the profession of engineer in computer science and networks.
The teaching in the core courses gives you not only extensive knowledge and skills in computing. (Cyber-security, networking, software development, databases, green IT) but also a sound base of general engineering culture (communication, foreign languages, project management, business, and team management). On the 4th, you will choose a major. This "business & technical" specialization will deepen your understanding of an area that appeals to you.
No need to speak French to attend our programs (taught entirely in English), however, you will master French and French culture before you Graduate. An email has a unique partnership with the CIDEF French Language center, quality approved by the French State.
Even more, you will have a significant experience the French companies and develop unique French Management skills!
Furthermore, you will be able to interact with more than 247 million French-speaking people in 80 countries located on five continents.
Ship 'ship's International MSS is taught exclusively in English. Students are not required to demonstrate French proficiency upon program start.
The program prepares you to acquire skills such as agility in collecting and analyzing multiple data sources in various areas (customer relationship management, communication, risk management, marketing). To achieve this, cross-curricular courses in business intelligence, marketing, communication, and statistics combine with practical transversal projects.

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