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AIM Senior Secondary College


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Our Vision To deliver excellence in practice-based learning, teaching, and scholarship that stimulates cultural and creative innovation through artistic exploration and free intellectual inquiry. Our Mission To educate and empower creative practitioners to confidently embrace proactive professional careers in arts and entertainment performance, production, and management. Our Values

  • Respect for passion
  • Nurturing individual talent and creative development
  • Encouraging artistic collaboration and entrepreneurship
  • Fostering innovative cross-disciplinary performance and production
  • Facilitation of professional employment in global creative industries.

The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is Australia's largest music and performing arts education institution. We pride ourselves on being a uniquely collaborative educational hub. At AIM, creatives can explore their passion for music and tap into their strengths while establishing a sustainable, future-ready career. Our high-quality, fully accredited Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Graduate Certificates, senior high school education and short courses balance practice, performance and theory, and are all taught by industry experts.

AIM is driven to provide industry-leading education that inspires and prepares passionate people, worldwide, to lead lives of purpose. What does this look like? Empowered graduates are staking out sustainable and innovative careers, embracing their skills, networks, and strength to carve out their futures in the music world.

AIM's Mission is clear and consistent in providing the highest commitment to developing skills, knowledge, and tools in the performing, creative and management arts for all students globally. The heart of AIM's philosophy is the care and support we provide to our students. We have many exciting developments focusing on:

  • Continual reinvestment and commitment to providing best practice to guide student achievement using smart technology.
  • The provision of industry-leading, world-class teaching with specialist high-standard facilities in both Sydney and Melbourne.
  • A leadership role and presence in the music and arts community give back talent, time, and resources to the industry.

Looking to the future, AIM is determined to maintain the clarity in our focus on creative energy to ensure our graduates have the means and the opportunity to realize their dreams.

The Australian Institute of Music was born out of the Sydney Guitar School, established in 1968 by top musician, Dr. Peter Calvo. We moved to our current distinctive Surry Hills campus in the late 1980's. Continued growth and expansion saw our new Melbourne campus open in 2014. Our alumni can be found across all fields of music and creative arts.

AIM's far-reaching network of industry relationships allows us to deliver unique learning experiences and opportunities to our students. Our professional network is built on internship arrangements, alumni career progression, current staff connections, and close working associations with leading organizations, companies, businesses, and industry thought leaders. As a result, our students enjoy direct opportunities to connect on-campus with guest speakers and industry panels, and participate in professional workshops, internships, and even recording experiences.

Melbourne Campus

120 King St, Melbourne VIC, 3000 Phone: +61 3 86104222 Email: enquiries@aim.edu.au

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