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Adams State is the right size – with a diverse, close-knit community. Professors who care – and a campus ready to help. Lots to do on a growing campus – clubs, athletics, adventure. Evergreen mountains, vast blue skies … room to grow, space to think.
"Great Stories Begin Here" is not merely a slogan at Adams State University. Student success is the result of our caring campus culture. Our highly qualified faculty focus on teaching and excellence within their disciplines.
Adams State has entered a new era of growth, recording an all-time high enrollment of 3,701. The campus has been transformed, with $65 million worth of improvements nearly complete. An intimate campus with tree-lined walkways, state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, supportive programs, and vibrant student life await Adams State students. Founded in 1921 as a teachers' college, Adams State is a university offering undergraduate majors, minors, and emphases. ASU also offers master's degree programs and a doctoral program – most offered online. New academic programs are developed to address student and societal needs.
As the Regional Education Provider for southern Colorado, Adams State is crucial to enhancing the area's educational opportunity, economic development, and cultural enrichment. Adams State emphasizes its historic commitment to under-served populations, including underrepresented minorities, first-generation, and low-income students.
Maybe you have always had your heart set on teaching kindergarten, becoming a veterinarian, or owning your own business. Maybe you are undecided. Maybe you excel in everything. Wherever you are, Adams State will help you find the best path to your future.
You want to continue your education, but your schedule, location, or family obligations mean attending a traditional campus will not work for you. Adams State's Distance Learning programs help you fit classes into your life. Whether you are an undergraduate student starting new or finishing what you started or a K-12 educator working toward meeting recertification requirements, we have the distance programs for you. Adams has a variety of clubs, groups, and organizations. Getting involved is a great way to connect with other students, faculty, and staff, and gain new life and career experience. Enrich your Grizzly experience by joining one of these select groups.
While students learn a variety of skills such as constructing climbing anchors, avalanche terrain assessment, risk assessment, or how to teach experientially, the core of an ALP course focuses on developing the person to be a better version of themself. ALP students gain the experience and confidence necessary to lead and collaborate well with others. The ALP prepares graduates for leadership roles primarily through field-based courses such as a 14-day backpacking course. In Minor in Adventure Leadership & Programming course, students learn many skills such as navigation, environmental ethics, and how to cook delicious meals in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, students practice leading and teaching to develop skills useful in any future role and responsibility they may have.
Many Grizzlies majoring in the Earth Sciences or Wildlife Biology, for example, add the ALP minor to give them more experience and confidence in the outdoors. Students interested in a major in ALP can work with the program coordinator to create an Interdisciplinary degree plan that combines the ALP with one or two other relevant areas of interest. The courses within this 21 credit hour minor build upon each other to deepen your learning, enhance your judgment, and to increase your capabilities as you apply your skills in a variety of challenging contexts.
The Office of Graduate Studies, along with Adams State's dedicated faculty and staff, works to ensure access and opportunity for graduate study throughout Colorado and the United States. Our programs are recognized for their academic excellence and diverse delivery methods.
ASU Extended Studies offers high-quality courses using the flexibility of distance delivery. Whether you are looking for a traditional setting or an online course, ASU can support you with your professional development needs wherever and whenever you choose. Extended Studies has partnered with recognized education leaders to deliver exceptional, content-rich, standards-based, relevant, accessible, and stimulating courses.
Adams State University Extended Studies offers graduate credit for a variety of in-services and workshops. These opportunities are made possible through a series of academic partnerships with incorporated third-party providers, school districts, and BOCES. Delivery formats for these courses vary from traditional to online to hybrid courses delivered nation-wide. School Districts, Principals, In-Service/Professional Development Coordinators, and incorporated entities may offer graduate credit to teachers through Adams State University Extended Studies. Because of the large variety of in-service training programs provided by the schools and our various partners, Adams State University Extended Studies does not have a list of pre-approved in-service courses offered through Extended Studies. Each course is evaluated individually. Courses previously offered may be offered again for up to three years, after which they will need to be re-approved.
'Listeners' are expected to attend classes regularly and participate as the instructor sees fit. 'Listeners' should meet with the instructor after the first class to discuss what this means for each class. 'Listeners' will not complete assignments, homework, or exams and will not be graded. Listening to classes does not result in college credits. Participants in-studio classes are expected to attend classes regularly. They will listen, learn, and apply the techniques to make their artwork. Access to studio facilities outside of class time is at the discretion of the instructor. Studio participants will participate in class critiques and activities whenever possible but will recognize that the instructor must prioritize students taking the course for credit. Studio participants will not submit artwork to be graded and will not complete other assignments, homework, or exams. No credit studio classes do not result in college credits.

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