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Academy of Art University prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communication, and the arts by delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate and portfolio development programs. To achieve its mission Academy of Art University:

  • Maintain an inclusive admissions policy for all persons who meet basic requirements for admission and instruction and want to obtain higher learning in a broad spectrum of disciplines in art and design.
  • Teaches a disciplined approach to the study of art and design that encourages students to develop their styles that blend their talents, technical skills, and creative aspirations with professional knowledge.
  • Enlists a dedicated and very able full-time and part-time faculty of career artists, designers, and scholars who are professionals and whose success as educators come from their ability to teach students through the wisdom and skill they have amassed through years of experience and study.
  • Operates in an urban context so that academic programs can draw upon and contribute to the cultural wealth of those communities that are served.
  • It provides a creative environment that is at once supportive and challenging and underpinned by excellent personalized teaching and support services that address students of diverse ages and backgrounds.
  • It offers an undergraduate general education program designed to stimulate the development of critical thinking and communication skills and encourage emerging artists to draw upon a variety of disciplines to look at issues from multiple perspectives and cultivate the ability to function as educated global citizens.
  • Manages ethically and efficiently and prudently administers the finances.
  • Fosters optimum quality in all aspects of programs and services.

Complete your Liberal Arts requirements in Europe. Study Abroad: Seminar in Europe exposes students to the art of featured regions within the broader context of European history and artistic culture. Explore the extraordinary architecture and visit the extensive collections of paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects housed in Europe's world-renowned museums.

Academy of Art University's flexible Continuing Education allows you to explore and design an experience unique to you. Choose classes that inspire you and take advantage of our hands-on curriculum and industry-experienced faculty. Learn, be inspired, and expand your creative potential.

Have you always wanted to try photography or fly a drone? How about stepping into the world of virtual reality? With the Academy of Art's flexible continuing education program, we encourage you to select the classes you find interesting and create your journey. Whether you want to pick up a new hobby or acquire new skills, we have classes that bring your creativity to life.

The AAU Library is excited to announce its participation in a new pilot database program created by Yale University Press. Art & Architecture ePortal is an online database of significant and out-of-print art and architecture books and thousands of images. The AAU Library is looking to hire energetic and motivated students to work at the LibraryLibrary for both the current and upcoming semesters! You will be shelving library materials, assisting students using the printers and copiers, and working with library staff members on various special projects around the LibraryLibrary. The Academy of Art Library and the Illustration Department are hosting a joint exhibition of Caldecott Medal-winning illustrated children's books in the LibraryLibrary and the Illustration Department located at 540 Powell Street. The AAU Library has all eighty-one of these award-winning titles and wanted to bring visibility to this beautiful collection.

Academy of Art University offers its students access to world-class equipment including, cameras, lighting equipment, photography, studio spaces, green-screen rooms, and telecine studios.

Since the Academy of Art University's art scholarship program was founded over forty years ago, we have helped over 45 thousand aspiring artists and designers pursue their educational goals in art and design. Academy of Art University offers many innovative and inexpensive ways for first-time students, high school students, and teachers to improve their skills and experience all they have to offer. The Academy has awarded over $10 million in grants and scholarships since 2012. The STEAM Program Scholarship is designed to encourage and develop future domestic students seeking careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. A limited number of MFA/MA Scholarships, ranging up to $2,000 each, are available based on the strength of the student's application. The Pre-College Art Experience Programs are programs that provide intensive art experiences for high school students. All high school students are invited to take advantage of these full-tuition art scholarships (based on availability). Academy of Art University is thrilled to announce our 2018 Summer Portfolio Grant to assist you in pursuing your dreams in art and design! We invite all eligible students to apply. Academy of Art University is pleased to announce the 2018 Spring Forward Scholarship - a limited number of awards worth up to $2,000 each to assist aspiring artists and designers. Working adults seeking a career upgrade, and current college students looking to transfer should take advantage of this fantastic scholarship opportunity.

Like the city it's called home since 1929, the Academy of Art University has always existed on the vanguard of innovation and creativity. The Academy and San Francisco have grown up together and served as mutual sources of inspiration and talent - take a look back at notable moments in the Academy's history in San Francisco.

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