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During recent years, air transport immersed all-new economic sectors. Time became an essential factor. On the other side, the aviation sector is modernized. It is the consequence of competition that the aircraft manufacturers devote themselves to.

The third dimension of this phenomenon is the personnel using and servicing these airplanes. If Tunisia is not actively involved in the manufacturing, it takes part seriously on the competition of air transport, thanks to the government support. Its economic system, which is based on excellence, predisposes it there. A significant number of skilled personnel were trained locally and abroad.

The training abroad, where the number of centers is enormous, is costly. These centers devote themselves to hard competition and secure the profit from foreign training activities. We believe, however, that the training does include qualified personnel and equipment. Moreover, competency in every field and especially aeronautics, does exist in Tunisia.

At the age of globalization, air transport is the most convenient to travel from country to country in the world. With it, you can now wake up the next morning in New York, Tokyo or Sydney! All around this giant of the sky is the plane, hundreds of people working tirelessly from one end to another of the chain, to provide the best service quality to passengers. Working in the air is:


  • To be engaged in a dynamic sector,
  • To be exposed to the challenges of technology,
  • Emerge in an international context,
  • Act for the free movement of people

If you dream of a career future-oriented and open to the world, in a sector that recruits at all levels, join us and become the first platform for training and developing the aviation sector in Africa. Develop trusting relationships with companies.

ESAT is located in the Tunis Carthage Airport area, within 5 min of the Airport and with access to highways, transportation (Bus and Metro). The facility includes:

(LAN, and Wi-Fi)

  • Administrative workspace.
  • A free space reserved for the library.
  • An auditorium with 150 seats with the necessary equipment. 20 classrooms.
  • Two computer labs.
  • A laboratory for Electronics & avionics.
  • English laboratory equipped.
  • Airbus A320 and Boeing B737-NG FTD simulators for troubleshooting courses.
  • An area reserved for recreational clubs and a local service reserved for technical documentation.
  • Teaching staff conference room.
  • Internet Access

The group also have a hangar at Tunis Carthage Airport for maintenance and training:

  • 10 Single-engine aircraft
  • 1 Diamond Star DA42 Twin engine aircraft/
  • 2 Tecnam twin engines aircraft P2006T
  • 1 Simulator FNPT2 IR MCC
  • Design compliant with FAA FTDs up to Level 6 Design compliant with JAR-STD 3A up to FNPTII MCC, and JAR STD 2A FTD 2 100% avionics and systems functionality can allow training in normal, abnormal and emergencies.
  • Seneca V, Seneca I, TB 20
  • 1 Simulator FTD B737-NG
  • 1 Simulator FTD A320

The University College of Aviation & Technology ESAT is an engineering education institution focusing mainly on aerospace and telecommunications. The Ministry approves it of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Authorization N 04/2003). ESAT signed several partnership agreements with international institutions. Cooperation is intended to develop student mobility, teacher mobility, and exchange of experiences, giving a dimension at the international level of the School.

ESAT has established since its creation close links with partners through framework agreements and conventions that are intended to: The exchange of experience and expertise in the field of education, pedagogy, and administration. Greater openness and visibility of the ESAT.The realization of joint research projects.The organization's scientific conferences, symposia, forums, and seminars. The exchange of knowledge, documentation, and publications.The creation of a joint program in order to deliver a fair degree.In addition to local institutions, ESAT is linked to foreign universities by similar agreements for scientific cooperation.

The University College of Aviation & Technology (ESAT) was created and had the following assets:

  • Advantageous climate for aviation training.
  • Skilled personnel and encouraging level of price and wages.
  • A competitive training cost compared to Europe and elsewhere.
  • These assets led us to undertake partnerships in the aviation training sector with China, France, Canada, and the USA.
  • Our product is at the international level and is currently exportable everywhere in the world.


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