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Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


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The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus is a great start for a career. It trains highly qualified specialists needed by the country. From the first days of study at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, each student becomes an indispensable and essential part of the team of professionals devoted to their country, people, and service, able to work creatively and enthusiastically. The main task of the entire staff of the Academy is to create conditions for the implementation of the intellectual, scientific, and creative potential of everyone who decided to devote his life to the service of the Fatherland.
Educational programs, which are implemented in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are unique; they are distinguished, on the one hand, the fundamental and scientific, on the other hand, pronounced practice-oriented nature.
The educational process in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is based on each student's characteristics. At the same time, it focuses on those who seek to achieve high results, motivated to develop, offer, and implement new ideas continually. We are convinced that the time of study at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be memorable and happy for you. The resulting education is a reliable foundation for your professional and personal growth.
The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs implements the educational programs of higher education of the I and II levels, retraining and advanced training of managers and specialists. It also prepares for the first and second steps of postgraduate education (postgraduate and doctoral studies). The educational process is provided by teachers, including doctors and candidates of sciences, honored figures in jurisprudence, education, and sports. Scientific schools function.
The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provides a system of continuous practical training, established branches of departments, new training polygons, introduced cross-cutting issues of course and diploma work at the request of the customer. An adequate system of scientific training personnel has been created, including in educational institutions in Russia, a council for defending dissertations functions. The International Training Center brings together specialists from different countries, forms a joint knowledge base, implements educational awareness, promotes the strengthening of multilateral cooperation in combating trafficking in persons, and illegal migration.
The International Training Center is a structural unit of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Since its inception, its international status makes particular demands for the organization of the educational process, methodological, and scientific support. Today, the International Training Center rightfully occupies one of the leading places in the European system of training specialists in the field of antitrafficking. Along with teaching the students the latest methods of management, ways, and means of countering criminal activities related to migration and trafficking in human beings, the ITC participates in the development of transnational and departmental cooperation, synthesizes and disseminates best practices of law enforcement practice, prevention, and minimization of the social consequences of trafficking in persons and illegal migration.
In the International Training Center, refresher courses, seminars, and other educational events are organized for law enforcement and other government officials and international, non-governmental organizations. Specialists from Belarus and foreign countries are trained. International experts share experience and knowledge.
The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is rightfully considered not only the leading center for training specialists for law enforcement bodies but also one of the authoritative scientific organizations of the country in the field of research on problems of crime prevention and law enforcement practice. The research activity of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is provided by the research department, faculty, research laboratories, doctoral students, adjuncts, applicants, undergraduates, and cadets. A collegial advisory body for the management of the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior's scientific activity is a scientific council. Issues related to the implementation of scientific activities are supervised by the Deputy Chief of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for scientific work.
The educational process is provided by the leading specialists of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, carrying out scientific research on the profile of the center. To ensure the practical component of the training, the employees of the specialized units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General's Office, the State Border Committee, the Investigation Committee, the State Control Committee and other Belarusian agencies involved in migration and antitrafficking are actively involved. A critical factor in providing practice-oriented training is the participation of law enforcement officials from EU countries and international and non-governmental organizations. International experts consider the global trends of migration and human trafficking, share best practices of countries in the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes of the designated category, and minimize their consequences.

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