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Baranovichi State University


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The educational institution "Baranovichi State University" invites foreign citizens to get a higher education, having the education corresponding to the general secondary or specialized secondary education in the Republic of Belarus, and having finished preparatory departments of higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus.

Interviewing is carried out according to the Instructions on interview sessions with foreign citizens applying to institutions of higher and secondary specialized education in the Republic of Belarus to make decisions concerning an applicants' enrollment to the institution of education of the Republic of Belarus for getting a higher education.

The year 2016, A student of the Faculty of Engineering, the Coordination Council of leaders of student self-governing of BarSU Roman Shukhno, becomes a winner of the I Republic Contest. "Leader of the Year." The Scientific-Practical Periodical "BarSU Herald" is included in the Russian scientific citation index.

A research work of the university graduate, a lecturer of the department of psychology Yekaterina Bykovskaya "About the ways of self-presentation of personal qualities of men and women in social network Internet" is noted with a diploma of the second degree of the international intellectual contest "University Stars–2016" in the nomination "A Research Project."

A student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology Darya Yatskevich wins a bronze medal in the World Championship on arm-wrestling.

A student of the Faculty of Engineering Sergey Mazur becomes a winner of the Open Cup of the Republic of Belarus on taekwondo in the weight category under 54 kg. The projects of the students of the Faculty of Slavic and Germanic Languages are recognized as the best in different nominations of the Republic contest "Volunteer of the Year." The Youth Detachment of Law-and-order Protection "Alpha" is awarded a diploma for the 1st place taken in the regional sports festival.

BarSU today is:

  • Three thousand eight hundred forty students of the I и II stages of getting a higher education.
  • Twenty-one specialties of the I stage of higher education, postgraduate education.
  • Five faculties (of engineering, pedagogy, and psychology, Slavic and Germanic languages, economics, and law, pre-university training), Institute of Refresher Training and Re-Training, separate structural unit "Lyakhovichi state agrarian college," Center of the Turkish language and culture
  • 21 departments, 19 branches of departments
  • Six student scientific-research laboratories, 20 scientific-research sections.
  • Seventy-seven specialized laboratories, cabinets, workshops, computer classes.
  • 115 УЖЕ agreements on international cooperation with foreign institutions of higher education and scientific organizations.
  • Twenty-one performance groups, 4 of them are honored with the title "people's amateur group."
  • Fourteen sports sections and health groups.
  • There are three hundred arrangements of citizen-patriotic, cultural-educational, and sports directions, and more than 20 projects are implemented during an academic year.
  • Eleven buildings for studies of 57,87 thousand sq. m.
  • A student campus with three dormitories for 1 200 places.

The development of scientific and innovation activities is central to the implementation of the university's principal mission as a center of science, education, and innovation. As a result, scientific research and innovation are significant components in work performed by the university's academics, staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is an integral part of the coursework, refresher training, re-training, and training highly skilled specialists.

Scientific research is targeted at the acquisition of fundamental knowledge, searching for solutions to applied problems, creating new education, social-and-humanitarian technologies, ensuring a high scientific level of professional training, and developing methodological resources for innovations in science and education and putting research and development findings to use.

The target is to ensure the training of professionals, researchers, and academics meeting worldwide qualification standards, to make effective use of the educational, scientific-and-technological and innovation potential to develop the country's economy and address its everyday tasks.

BarSU International activity is based on the principles of independence, equality, and mutual benefit. The main areas of international cooperation include:

  • Enhancing the role of the university in the international educational area and on the international market of educational services.
  • Developing international relations with foreign organizations, educational institutions in the regions are of strategic interest in foreign economic cooperation.
  • Performing cultural and academic exchanges between partner-universities to study prospective areas of the educational process organization, implement innovative educational approaches, and improve the scientific and professional level of university lecturers and students.
  • Ensuring structural subdivisions, university staff, and students` participation in international projects, programs, contests.
  • Growth of indicators and export geography of educational services.
  • Information dissemination of university educational services.
  • Improvement of the educational process and the quality of training based on the creative use of international experience.

The year 2008 marked a significant date in the history of our young university. On June 11, the Heraldic Council under the President of the Republic of Belarus registered its emblem, flag, and badge, which is presented upon the student's graduation from the institution of education "Baranovichi State University". Now BarSU is the 6th higher educational establishment with its symbols registered at the Heraldic Council under the President of the Republic of Belarus.

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