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Training more than 7,500 students each year, the College of West Anglia is one of the largest providers of education and training in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, with an exceptional track record of developing the skills and talents of our students. This is achieved through a combination of excellent teaching by a team of highly-trained, industry-experienced staff and excellent, modern facilities designed to prepare students for employment and further study.
Many students look forward to putting high school behind them and moving on with their lives. At college, you will be treated like an adult, gain independence, explore and broaden your interests, pursue your goals, and meet lifelong friends.
The College of West Anglia was founded in King’s Lynn in 1893 as the King’s Lynn Technical School, with a stone commemorating its opening being placed on 30th June 1893 (the stone was later relocated to the CWA King’s Lynn campus, where it can be seen outside of the front block). In 1973 it was renamed the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology, commonly abbreviated to ‘Norcat’ and known to residents of the town as ‘the tech.’
NORCAT merged with the Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture & Horticulture in 1998, which added a land-based provision in Cambridgeshire. The revised institution became known as the College of West Anglia post-merger.
In April 2006, a further merger took place as Isle College in Wisbech was added to become the third College of West Anglia campus. View a new promotional video of Isle College in 1989 here.
In 2009, building work commenced on all three campuses to improve facilities for students, with over £35million being spent to carry out work including the development of two new technology centers at the King’s Lynn and Wisbech campuses, which both opened in 2012 and a bespoke higher education center at Cambridge campus.
In 2013, our sports department relocated to bespoke teaching facilities at Alive Lynnsport, opening our sports campus in King’s Lynn.
The ‘tower block’ in King’s Lynn, one of the tallest buildings in West Norfolk, underwent a complete refurbishment and reopened to students in September 2013. £5.5million was also invested in redevelopments at our Wisbech campus in 2015 to create a new teaching center with state-of-the-art facilities, new main entrance, reception, restaurant, common areas, and learning resource center. This was followed by the unveiling of our new creative studios at the King’s Lynn campus, boasting industry-standard facilities for art and design, performing arts, media, and music, including recording studios, performance and rehearsal spaces, editing suites and our very own Springboard TV.
Would you like to see one of our state-of-the-art campuses before completing an application with us? You can take a virtual tour of our campuses to see our facilities up close for yourself. Alternatively, if you would prefer to come in and visit one of our campuses, we would be happy to give you a guided tour.

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